Secondary Characters

Tim is my husband. He is the yin to my yang. Where I'm paranoid, he's relaxed. I'm socially awkward, he's a well oiled social machine. I can remember things, he cannot. You get the idea.

He's not one for buying flowers or remembering certain days, but he is sweet every day and willing to compromise when we disagree.

This is Munchies Kins. She was born in December 2009. She loves animals and squeals when she sees one up close. She likes watching people talk, but is on the quiet side herself. She enjoys reading stories, preferably with nice bold colors. She needs lots of rest. She is allergic to dairy and soy. She enjoys visiting strange and different places. She is partial to the outdoors. She does not like bananas, as seen in the video in this post where she dry heaves after eating some.