Pictures to Remember

I like Halloween. I like to go the comedy route when possible. Here are some of my Halloweens past.

Here Tim is a sock. I'm a boring old pirate, I think we weren't planning to go anywhere but decided to go to a party last minute.

 Tim borrowed the neighbor's costume.

A pregnant cow. Those nipples are really made for calf suckling just so ya know. Bought 'em at IFA.

White trash.

White trash again, but better. Before I actually was pregnant, but obviously would be a good pregnant costume as well. Tim's accent and mannerisms were classic on this evening. Do you see the writing on my shirt? Oh, and I must also point out that my shirt is actually men's briefs. The waistband goes around my torso.

Pregnancy pictures almost every week. 

Tim's pregnancy picture.

OoooOoooo sexy!

On the run from the law.