Main Character

Let's face it, if you read this blog you probably know me. However, the new blogger tabs feature is cool. I want to use it. How better to do so than to add an about me section? Exactly.

I like reading, preferably in my back yard when it's nice and toasty outside. I like reading a variety of genres, and I always have at least several library books. Here are some of the books I like. I love feeling accomplished all day after a run. Hiking in the summer and x country skiing in the winter with the dogs, husband and now munchies too is a must for a complete weekend. I like puzzles and games. I am fascinated by animals of almost any kind. Take me to the zoo and I'll be happy all day. I have a strange attraction to new sheets and own way too many. Sometimes when door to door sales people come by they ask me if my mom or dad is home. I don't like taking risks. My secret name is Bunny Bodel. Oops. Not very secret anymore now, is it?

I met Tim in 2000 and after being friends for almost three years we started to date. We got married in 2007. You can read about how we met, got engaged, got married, and got married in Utah if you are so inclined. We just had our first baby in December, and a lot of this blog is about her. I like birth stories and thus wrote all of the grisly details here.

I get anxious about the most foolish things; I spent one entire summer worrying seriously that I was balding. I pride myself on being cheap and buying used where I can. I enjoy movies the most when the critics rate them between 50%-80%. I always get suckered into watching the 100% movies, but I should know better by now because I never fail to slip into a deep depression by the time the movie is over.