After school one day the kids had reminder stickers on their shirts about the school event that night. Kins begged to go.  Big Mac piped up and announced, "Well, I signed up. So, I'M going." Then kins gently corrected him, "Well... Max... That's just a sticker, it doesn't mean you're signed up... "
After not watching baby z and Max for a few minutes, Tim found that Max had put a bib on baby z and they were sitting together sharing a yogurt.

Baby Z loves to pretend to go night night. Every time she pretends to sleep, she makes this hilarious serious face with mostly closed eyes. She believes she appears to be sleeping when she does it.


  1. They've always got something cute going on. I love how they are mostly kind to each other.

  2. Zia is a beautiful actress! I'm impressed that Max puts a bib on her before sharing yogurt. And that they all have fun together.


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