Baby Z is two years old

Baby Z is not quite 22 pounds, petite like brother and sister. She is a good eater I would say. I have never had to spoon feed her and nag her to eat enough. She eats enough on her own to maintain a small but healthy weight. This may not be the common definition of good eater, but it's better than Kins even though Kins is almost 8 years old.

She isn't an amazing sleeper, she wakes up 1-2 times a night. Lately, it's been more like once most often. A couple of night ago, she slept all the way through without waking though, which was her first time ever. I can hardly imagine having all three kids sleep through more often than not, it's going to be very exciting for me.

She still nurses. I weaned Big Mac at 2 years old, in a desperate attempt to get him to sleep better. He still didn't sleep very well until closer to 3 years old. Baby Z loves nursing, and seems to get a huge amount of emotional comfort from it still. I would love for her to wean herself, but if that doesn't happen by age 3 anyway I guess I'll probably force her into it.

She is a very happy kid. She has such a bright smile for visitors. When grandma and papa come over she gives big hugs and screams their names excitedly. She loves trying to play with her siblings. She's able to really play with them without me having to intervene for 30 mins or so sometimes at a time.

She loves the moon, it's her biggest obsession right now. We all know the moons exact phase and placement most of the time because we are looking at it nearly daily. When she sees the moon, she laughs out loud and shrieks with joy.

She says I love you unprompted sometimes, it sounds like "wuv a dub". She often speaks in little 2 or 3 word sentences. She'll say, "Mama, lec-cat (alexa, what we use to play music), to you (happy birthday to you). A lot of her sentences are like that, "Mama, pizza, high chair." It's really fun being able to have little conversations with her and to watch her express herself.

She loves Monkent, previously known as Curious George. It's interesting that I didn't push her to play more with him than other stuffed toys, but she formed at attachment. Just like Big Mac did. Something about this toy is magnetic. Here she is sleeping with him wearing a backwards baseball cap. She demanded to take the hat to bed.
Checking Kin's heart. Kins loves when Baby Z wants to play.

Eating her birthday cake. We just had a small party at home.

Riding a ho ho at grandma and papa's.

She enjoyed opening her gifts. She was adamant that she wear snow boots, but no pants.


  1. She sure looks tiny on the ho-ho. This has to be the cutest age. I love watching her learn to talk and interact.


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