Summer hiking and running

This summer we have been hiking very slowly with the family. Kins and Big Mac have finally outgrown carriers completely. Tim will still carry one of them on his shoulders some, but we are mostly limited to what they can do, which is 4 miles maxium, and that is a huge time investment. 2 miles we can do without a huge amount of complaining.

To supplement, Tim and I have been going on date runs when my parents are willing to watch the kiddos. It's really nice to get a little kid free time and exercise at the same time, we both have been having a great time.

This is Beartrap Fork, wild flowers in full bloom.
 On our way up the red pine trail.
 White Pine trail.
 Rocky Mouth with the family and grandparents.
 Ferguson with the whole family to the rainbow tree. The kids were even more impressed than I had hoped with the "rainbow tree".
 Guardsman Pass area. Kins was stung within 100 yards of beginning our hike by a wasp. We decided to call it a day.
 Another pic from Ferguson.
 Big Springs up Provo Canyon.
 Ferguson again.


  1. Very nice wildflowers on your hikes. The rainbow tree was a great destination for the Ferguson hike.


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