Catch up

 Big Mac loves when Kins will read to him, although his reading is coming along so well that it won't be long before he is reading to himself.

Baby Z sometimes allows us to read to her. She likes to turn pages back and forth as the mood strikes her, so it's limited for now.
Wearing my slippers, being read to by dad.
 Eating popsicles has been a huge summer time activity around here.

 Baby Z wondering if she's doing it right.
 At the aquarium.

 My strawberry italian soda syrup rolled out and broke. It looked very suspicious.
 At the zoo.
 Yard work. Tim gets a lot of "help" in the yard. He didn't have great access to proceed digging for planting a tree. We planted some new trees recently and added a white picket fence. Our front yard is getting really pretty. When we moved in it was a barren dead stretch of grass.
 Being shown the ho hos on papa's phone.
 Decked out in their roadkill apparel.

I painted her nails with some kiddie polish. She was very pleased.

 I don't think it's a secret that I despise the peacocks that live by us. They scream for about 5 months during the night, they poop all over the yard, and they leave their feathers everywhere. I made this huge feather globe out of the one perk we get, the tail feathers. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's pretty neat, it's about 5 feet in diameter. Peacock lemonade I guess.
 Baby Z and Kins wearing the same dress at the same age.
 After the splash pad, she needed to warm up.
 Ah, summer. No clothes needed, a hose, chalk, looking for bugs, it's the dream.
 More productive yardwork.
 Impressed by the aquarium.
 Practicing her grip.
 Sandbox fun.
 7 years old.
 Annnd... a contrast to the beauty above. Losing teeth is so silly looking.
 She's lost 2 on the bottom and three on the top so far.

 A visit from cousins, the kids had sooooo much fun, and we did too.
 Baby Al gets a hug.


  1. Great family pics of Big Mac listening to Kins read, and Baby Z looking over her shoulder to get technology direction from Kins.
    The big kids look great in Road Kill apparel. They're ready to go to work.


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