Baby Z 20 months

Baby Z set herself up this way.
When she saw me taking her picture she started saying cheese. Her current method of smiling is to grimace happily.
She says quite a bit these days, although it's not easy to understand. She has several words that she adds extra syllables to. Water is wawagah, bubbles is bubbagah. When I ask her to repeat after me and say water she occasionally tries it correctly, but she prefers her own version. Bahbegah is popsicle. Num nums is treats for her, and also for the ho hos. Ho Hos are horses, and she loves going to see them with Papa each visit. She brings him his shoes and starts saying, "Papa, ho hos, num nums." 

She gives kisses and hugs liberally. She loves to be outside. She still loves wearing shoes. She has begun enjoying sitting still and watching nursery rhymes sometimes, a little bit of tech time is nice for us sometimes.

Sleeping was pretty rough for quite awhile there. This past week she's had a streak of only waking once a night, I am really hoping she keeps that up. Once a night I can do, 2-5 times... it gets pretty tough.


  1. I love that somewhat tortured smile. Her language is so interesting. It's always a challenge to try to translate.


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