Sayings from January 2014

After being told he couldn't have the ipad, I heard Big Mac in the other room saying, "Mama, ipad". He kept saying it and giggling. Turns out he found my kindle. I guess that's my ipad and the real one is only his and Kin's.

It's terrifying to take Kin's anywhere public lately. I never know who she's going to offend with loud comments about their appearance if they look slightly different than the average person she sees. Recent examples include, "that man sure doesn't have much hair", "why is her face brown?" (racial diversity isn't something she gets to see a whole lot of living in Utah...), "that's a silly looking baby!" (about a very small woman). Watching a music video of a quite attractive woman Kins said matter of factly, "But, I'm prettier than she is." I told her about how she was, in fact, not prettier than the woman, but, the woman wasn't prettier than her either. I suppose it's natural to assume that how you look is the correct way to look, but Kins is starting to really grasp the concept now that different is just as correct. I was proud of her the other day coloring in people different colors.

She is at the age where she asks hard questions. Who made the snow? The trees? The sky? Trying to explain science at a level that she can understand is daunting. Some things I take the easy way out on and have used "nature" to explain who made the things. But, she's probably ready to learn some bigger concepts. Soon I'm going to have to start looking things up to properly explain them.