Kins: Mama, can you make the sun and moon come up?
me: Nope, we just have to wait for the sun to come up in the morning.
Kins: Well... you could make them come up if you had the right ingredients.
Me: What ingredients would I need to do that?
Kins: Flour and eggs!

A few minutes later she randomly said, "When I get to be a mama, I'll live in a different place?" That brain of hers, it's really working hard to figure out the world.

Big mac is getting very polite, remembering to say please most of the time when he wants something and saying the sweetest, "thank you, Mama" s when I give him something he wants.


  1. They're both funny, smart, and sweet. You're a lucky mama!

  2. Thanks for sharing all the wisdom and progress of your children.

  3. hmm. she has a good point...but only if you did the eggs sunny side up. otherwise that just makes no sense. I can totally picture big mac saying that. perhaps because I've witnessed it several times but nothing really enters into the permanent memory banks these days...ah well. either way, it's sweet and adorable. your kids' sayings, that is. not my dilapidated brains.


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