We celebrated Christmas this year with just my parents. It was low key, just the way I like holidays. We had a turkey dinner that was delicious. The kids got a chance to play with all their new toys with the grandparents. The adults got plenty of conversation time and walks in.

Big Mac got mostly vehicles. Which has been fine by him. He got a dog that projects stars too, which he seems to like at bedtime.
 Big Mac admiring his new bull dozer. Kins frantically applying a chap stick from her set of Lip Smackers she got from Grandma. Kins has had a thing for chap stick ever since she was smaller than Big Mac.
 Big Mac enjoying his stocking stuffer. He kept going back to this and working on it until it was all gone.
 We got Kins a science experiment kit. She seems to like it, but I was disappointed. I mean, the kit featured a color changing volcano right on the cover, showing it large and super cool. In reality, this tiny little mound is the volcano. It's made out of baking soda and flour, it isn't as if they couldn't have quite cheaply provided enough materials for it to be a bit more impressive in size.

 Big Mac is always taking off his clothes these days. I have to put t shirts on over his pajamas to thwart him. Forgot this day. He's enjoying his trucks as well as his chocolate here.
 Papa got a new book! Yay!


  1. bummer about the science kit. before you mentioned that it was a disappointment, I was gonna try to find one for Bears. that volcano is pretty sad. lol, good job capturing her desperate application of the chap stick there. and man. that's pretty impressive that big mac was able to finish that chocolate thing all by himself.

  2. Chocolate and trucks, the perfect combo for Big Mac!
    Kins seemed very serious about her science experiment, even if it wasn't as cool as the grownups thought it should be. Twas a very fun low key Christmas.


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