Jan 23, 2014

Moving the Blog

I'm going to try out Wordpress. The desire doesn't arise too often, but sometimes I want to post password protected posts without having to make the whole blog private. Wordpress allows that, so I'm going to give it a try. The new URL is www.tessothy.wordpress.com. I'm about to post something there, so let me know if there's a problem.

Jan 12, 2014


Kins: Mama, can you make the sun and moon come up?
me: Nope, we just have to wait for the sun to come up in the morning.
Kins: Well... you could make them come up if you had the right ingredients.
Me: What ingredients would I need to do that?
Kins: Flour and eggs!

A few minutes later she randomly said, "When I get to be a mama, I'll live in a different place?" That brain of hers, it's really working hard to figure out the world.

Big mac is getting very polite, remembering to say please most of the time when he wants something and saying the sweetest, "thank you, Mama" s when I give him something he wants.

Jan 7, 2014


We celebrated Christmas this year with just my parents. It was low key, just the way I like holidays. We had a turkey dinner that was delicious. The kids got a chance to play with all their new toys with the grandparents. The adults got plenty of conversation time and walks in.

Big Mac got mostly vehicles. Which has been fine by him. He got a dog that projects stars too, which he seems to like at bedtime.
 Big Mac admiring his new bull dozer. Kins frantically applying a chap stick from her set of Lip Smackers she got from Grandma. Kins has had a thing for chap stick ever since she was smaller than Big Mac.
 Big Mac enjoying his stocking stuffer. He kept going back to this and working on it until it was all gone.
 We got Kins a science experiment kit. She seems to like it, but I was disappointed. I mean, the kit featured a color changing volcano right on the cover, showing it large and super cool. In reality, this tiny little mound is the volcano. It's made out of baking soda and flour, it isn't as if they couldn't have quite cheaply provided enough materials for it to be a bit more impressive in size.

 Big Mac is always taking off his clothes these days. I have to put t shirts on over his pajamas to thwart him. Forgot this day. He's enjoying his trucks as well as his chocolate here.
 Papa got a new book! Yay!

Jan 4, 2014

PIctures and random

 I signed Kins up for more dance classes. She did well in her trial class, actually following along with what she was supposed to do. Her she is with her class.
 Big Mac didn't like not being able to go into the dance room with the class. He watched intently. When they changed rooms he put on Kin's dance slippers and copied one of the moves he'd been observing.
Big Mac is finally letting us read to him without turning the pages way to quickly.

 Our unplowed road. It's now turned into pure ice.
 Big Mac refused to nap for 4 or 5 days. It was really rough on both of us. I knew he still needed it, so I made him stay in his crib for the usual couple of hours. There was a lot of screaming over that 4-5 days. Then, like magic, he suddenly started napping again. Same thing happened with Kins at almost the exact same age. He loves his crib again and asks to get in at bed time and nap time. I'm so glad all the screaming is over. Here he is super cuddly and clingy because he was exhausted after a day with no nap.
We decided we aren't going to tell our kids that Santa is real. We never said he wasn't, and Kins never asked this year. I read her books about Santa, she sees him on cartoons, in pictures, all over. I just never addressed if he was real or not. Laura one day asked her directly if he was real. There was no hesitation and she answered as if it was obvious, "Noooo!" Laura asked her about a few other things, cartoon characters, mermaids, unicorns. She was a little stumped on unicorns, which makes sense, but ultimately she decided they were pretend. I left the Santa thing at that. An adult recently asked her what Santa brought her for Christmas, and she said in a slightly condescending tone, "Santa isn't real. He's just pretend." Hmm. I do need to explain to her not to tell kids this so she doesn't ruin it for them next year. I think in some ways the santa story is cute, but it bothers me that they're supposed to think he's watching them at all times and judging them. It seems healthiest to me that she think her parents and loved ones thought about what she might like and spent their money on her, than for her to think some random dude did.

I have noticed Big Mac putting two words together often these days. He has put together words for awhile that are repeated often like night night Kins. But, putting words together that aren't taught to him as basically one word is more new. Like saying, "more cheese."
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