We went to Atlanta for Thanksgiving to hang out with my family. Everyone was able to come, which is a rare occurrence these days.
We attempted some family pictures, I kinda liked the crazy faces one the best.

Just my little family. Note Kins is wearing a dress that I did not put on her. She and her cousin, who is the exact same size as her even though she is a year younger, enjoyed playing dress up together. I came into the room and they'd both put on pretty dresses the day were were having our Thanksgiving dinner. I made Kins put on some pants under her dress because it was chilly. It's the same dress that her older cousin wore to my wedding, on a side note.
Kins and her dress up partner.
The morning before we left Kins wasn't feeling too well. She got very cuddly with uncle Eric, it was pretty sweet. Here she is remarking on his beard. Tim contemplates the meaning of life in the background.
Chloe likes being read to just as much and Kins does. They kept both wanting to cuddle up in my lap and read. Kins was leaning her head on Chloe's shoulder here. After about an hour I had to cut them off when Big Mac woke up from his nap. Neither of them were pleased.
On a short walk. It was surprisingly chilly in Atlanta, I'd expected warmer weather.

One day we visited the Atlanta Aquarium, that place is massive and incredible. You'd need hours to see it all even if you were there by yourself. This whale shark was impressive.
 Here is Tim demanding to be fed his Thanksgiving dinner. Note the beautiful table arrangement. I was not involved in it, but thought it looked great.
Big Mac didn't get a nap one day, so he fell asleep in the stroller. He slept for a good 1.5 hours this way, while we walked to a restaurant after the aquarium, ate a whole meal, had ice cream, and sat around talking. It was very nice how that worked out, because sitting around talking when Big Mac is awake ain't happening unless you're in a confined space.
Kins was holding her cousin's arm like they were an old fashioned couple while he played a video game. She clung on to him like this for a long time. Then, she announced that it was her turn to play. She wasn't able to really play so her character just sat there. We ended up taking the battery out of her controller and putting it into a controller for her other cousin who was old enough to really play. It made me a little sad. Poor Kins thought she was playing. At least she got lots of compliments from Jackson, a year older than her, who was in the dark about who was really playing and kept telling her how she'd finally figured it out and was doing great. Oh, and in retrospect, I realized she was clinging to his arm this way because she was afraid of the game, which unbeknownst to me, had some scary parts. She woke up that night after a nightmare about a dragon.
She and Chloe sharing the ipad. It was adorable watching Kins explain to Chloe how to play and watching them take turns playing.
Big Mac watching some heavy machinery on youtube.
Grandma and Big Mac at the aquarium.
Big cousin reading to little cousin.

Big Mac on the plane ride home. He did better than I thought he would on the plane. Luckily, he didn't realize getting out of our seats and wandering around was an option. He was tired enough on the way home to sleep half the ride. After his nap, he desperately wanted to be held by daddy.


  1. Cute pictures, sweet memories.

  2. The pictures of Zoey and Chloe playing together are so adorable. Too bad they don't live closer...they make such cute little friends. Darleen sure seems to have done a bang up production for thanksgiving with hand written names for the seating and everything.


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