Decorating the tree has been a popular activity around here. They like to remove and put the ornaments and tinsel on again over and over. Many of our plastic ornaments have had the hanging hooks ripped off. We have very few left. The bottom half of tree is looking a little sparse.
Ta da! She did all the tinsel and ornaments herself.

Giving Zeus a check up.
 He was stoic about his check up. He definitely wasn't thrilled, but he didn't leave either.
Feeding the baby. Neither of them actually used bottles more than a couple times, so it's nice that they're being used for something.
I guess Tim needed safety glasses in case the floor ripped apart from high speeds.
Big Mac likes this show on Netflix called Mighty Machines. Big mechanical items drive around and the narrator discusses what they're doing. It's pretty dry for a kid, but he really enjoys it.

Ah, the days before the snow fell. Those were the days. They're checking out the scarecrow. We almost always have to check out the scarecrow on walks.
 She got to have a big owl costume put on her during a class at the Children's Museum. She was thrilled.
 Big Mac's favorite book. Goodnight, goodnight, construction site. He knows the names of the different vehicles in the book and loves to point at them and identify them. He won't listen to the actual story though.
 Sometimes, Big Mac will watch cartoons along with Kins. They'll compete to see who gets to sit in my lap. So cute.
 I got him a set of 5 construction vehicles, featured in his Goodnight, Goodnight construction book for the airplane ride to Georgia. I presented them to him when I wanted him to sit down to be buckled in for take off, and they were a pretty good hit, as you can see. He's pointing at the dump truck here and identifying it loudly.
 Kins not looking forward to the kiss Big Mac is attempting to lay on her.
 Getting some good cuddles from Daddy.

 Kins' drawing of Casper.
 Big Mac was being super cuddly this day. Kins took this picture.
 She is getting good at focusing during library story time.
 Painting Big Mac's nails. He is holding on tight to his truck to counteract the girly factor.


  1. Great pics! Zeus is surprisingly patient. Good rendition of Casper!


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