Kins' Art

She's gotten a lot better at drawing recently. Thought I'd slam you with some 4 year old art. Some of the pics need to be bigger to see the labels, you can right click and choose open in a new tab to see them better.

I do know know who Priscilla is btw.

This guy  has seven arms and three legs. She laughed about how silly that was as she told me. He is flying a kite.
Tim's shirt. Notice poor pentagon doesn't fit in. Kins thought this was upsetting and she wanted to draw a picture where he had a spot. The next morning Tim helped her draw a new picture. He said he helped her with the pentagon shape and the triangle, but she did all the rest.


  1. Very imaginative, and very good detail for 4 year old art, I think. Of course, I have to admit, this is not exactly an unbiased appraisal!

  2. man. she is really good. lol I love the smoke coming out of that dragon's eyeball.


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