They each got a balloon after shots. They sometimes double up on the trike like this, supervision is then necessary to avoid terrible wrecks.
 I attempted a fall photo shoot in the yard. Kins wanted to go back in after on 10 minutes. She rushed in by herself, stripped off all clothes and shoes, and wrapped herself up in a blanket. Not a winter girl, kinda like her mama. Big Mac doesn't care what the weather is like, if he doesn't get outside at least once for some exploring he gets very unhappy.
 Driving cars around is an acceptable indoor activity.
 He has taken to stripping off his clothes and attempting to redress himself, of course he still needs help. This day he wanted to put on Kins' pants and underwear, in this order. Then before I could get his picture, he started gnawing off the bike handle bar. This boy.
 A cool insect we saw. My dad says it's a mole cricket.

 A couple tic tock croc pics I left out of the Halloween post. She wore the costume daily and often to bed for at least a month straight.
 Blanket cuddle time.
She asked, "Does this outfit look cool?"
 At the children's museum.

 In a children's museum class. She really enjoys those classes.
Not sure if her nose was actually fractured or not. It's all healed up now either way. She wasn't attempting anything daring, she was just sitting in a big toy bin and it toppled over. Her nose crashed into the side of the coffee table. Luckily, I babyproofed the metal edged thing long ago, wrapping it in foam and fabric. 
 Blackmail material.
 Captain Kins.

 Casper. She pretended to be Casper for awhile there.
 Catering to Big Mac's truck obsession, and Kins' appreciation for pirates and Casper.
 Right before they fell off.
 Big Mac always ready to get involved with the bigger kids.

 Practicing stunt riding. Naturally.


  1. I love the picture of zoey crocodile sleeping. the pumpkins look pretty great. that mole cricket looks a bit like a wasp cricket to me. but I'm no expert.

  2. Big Mac is going to be doing lots of tricks, on his pony or off of it. That boy is into everything, so fun and curious.
    Zoey makes the cutest pirate ever. And yes, she does look pretty cool in Dad's hat and vest!


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