More Pictures

Got behind on my phone pictures, by the time I got around to looking through what I had it had been over a month, time sure is flying by lately.

We saw a stunning sunset at the park the other day. I was taking some pics, and then we noticed several people pulling off the road to take pictures too. My pictures don't capture how pretty it was, the clouds had this cool waffled look that didn't show up well.

Too cool to look at the sunset. Actually, I told Tim to look sideways, I was going to try to get their silhouettes, but it didn't work out too well.

On the path near our house.

Zoo trip. Not sure what's up with the stripes through the picture.


  1. Nice sunset! I like how Max is the one driving the tractor. I'll bet he wouldn't have been happy to give up his position. He looks so serious!

  2. That picture of Kins walking along the bridge is really pretty. and I can totally see the waffly effect of those clouds--I even noticed it before I read your description..although, I'm sure it really was much prettier in person. Those things always are, dangit.


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