Kins was admiring a pair of pajamas as she put them on and saying, "You mentioned that my pajamas had monkeys on them." When I hear her use a word like mentions in perfect context, I really realize she's getting older.

She wanted Big Mac to get off a ride on toy they have. Naturally, she asked him to get off by saying, "off you dirty swine!" Captain hook is rubbing off...

Nude ring around the rosie happened recently. Big Mac has reached that age where he has taken an interest in undressing himself. Kins saw him trying to take off his pajamas, and she excitedly gave him a hand. She then stripped off his diaper, and took off all her clothing as well. As soon as they were both totally nude, she started jumping up and down with the thrill of it all, saying, "And now we run around naked!" I got out my camera to document this, and asked him to hold her hand, she decided holding both his hands and starting a game of ring around the rosie sounded even better. They both thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Then he peed on the carpet. And had to wear a diaper again.


  1. I love Kins' Captain Hook immitation. Funny.
    She really does speak like a little adult now. It's so cute.
    Big Mac doesn't take much encouragement to whip off his clothes. Maybe you can get him potty trained pretty soon.

  2. I love the way you told that nude ring around the rosie story. especially the last two lines. Ugh. kins really is getting big. it seems like she sounds significantly more grown up just about every time we hang out. ridiculous. she was just a baby somewhere around 10 minutes ago, it seems.


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