We went trick or treating around the neighborhood for Halloween. My parents came too, it was fun for everyone. Kins ended up being tired, she is often tired by 6 or so these days because she usually won't nap anymore, but she doesn't make up for it at night. Big Mac walked a lot more than she did. Kins did love going to each door and saying trick or treat. She liked roaring at people too. She just wanted to ride in the stroller inbetween, and was disappointed to learn that we couldn't wheel the stroller up porch steps directly to each door. I think Big Mac was the most impressed by all the pumpkins. He just loves pumpkins. Talking about them, remarking on how they may be hot when they're lit up. So exciting.

 Big Mac thought this skull that had red glowing eyes and laughed maniacally was hilarious. It was tough to convince him to leave it.
 I've been doing a little playgroup, and we had a Halloween themed playgroup. Nothing fancy, but I made this dragon to pin the tail on, and the other moms brought crafts for the kids to do. It was fun.


  1. They're the cutest little crocodile and drago that I ever saw!

  2. so cute that max got so into the pumpkins. and the Halloween playgroup looks like it was a lot of fun. I'm pretty impressed with your dragon - especially if you managed to put it together the same day with both the kids er...helping you.


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