Nov 15, 2013

More Pictures

Got behind on my phone pictures, by the time I got around to looking through what I had it had been over a month, time sure is flying by lately.

We saw a stunning sunset at the park the other day. I was taking some pics, and then we noticed several people pulling off the road to take pictures too. My pictures don't capture how pretty it was, the clouds had this cool waffled look that didn't show up well.

Too cool to look at the sunset. Actually, I told Tim to look sideways, I was going to try to get their silhouettes, but it didn't work out too well.

On the path near our house.

Zoo trip. Not sure what's up with the stripes through the picture.

Nov 13, 2013

Kins was admiring a pair of pajamas as she put them on and saying, "You mentioned that my pajamas had monkeys on them." When I hear her use a word like mentions in perfect context, I really realize she's getting older.

She wanted Big Mac to get off a ride on toy they have. Naturally, she asked him to get off by saying, "off you dirty swine!" Captain hook is rubbing off...

Nude ring around the rosie happened recently. Big Mac has reached that age where he has taken an interest in undressing himself. Kins saw him trying to take off his pajamas, and she excitedly gave him a hand. She then stripped off his diaper, and took off all her clothing as well. As soon as they were both totally nude, she started jumping up and down with the thrill of it all, saying, "And now we run around naked!" I got out my camera to document this, and asked him to hold her hand, she decided holding both his hands and starting a game of ring around the rosie sounded even better. They both thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Then he peed on the carpet. And had to wear a diaper again.

Nov 11, 2013


They each got a balloon after shots. They sometimes double up on the trike like this, supervision is then necessary to avoid terrible wrecks.
 I attempted a fall photo shoot in the yard. Kins wanted to go back in after on 10 minutes. She rushed in by herself, stripped off all clothes and shoes, and wrapped herself up in a blanket. Not a winter girl, kinda like her mama. Big Mac doesn't care what the weather is like, if he doesn't get outside at least once for some exploring he gets very unhappy.
 Driving cars around is an acceptable indoor activity.
 He has taken to stripping off his clothes and attempting to redress himself, of course he still needs help. This day he wanted to put on Kins' pants and underwear, in this order. Then before I could get his picture, he started gnawing off the bike handle bar. This boy.
 A cool insect we saw. My dad says it's a mole cricket.

 A couple tic tock croc pics I left out of the Halloween post. She wore the costume daily and often to bed for at least a month straight.
 Blanket cuddle time.
She asked, "Does this outfit look cool?"
 At the children's museum.

 In a children's museum class. She really enjoys those classes.
Not sure if her nose was actually fractured or not. It's all healed up now either way. She wasn't attempting anything daring, she was just sitting in a big toy bin and it toppled over. Her nose crashed into the side of the coffee table. Luckily, I babyproofed the metal edged thing long ago, wrapping it in foam and fabric. 
 Blackmail material.
 Captain Kins.

 Casper. She pretended to be Casper for awhile there.
 Catering to Big Mac's truck obsession, and Kins' appreciation for pirates and Casper.
 Right before they fell off.
 Big Mac always ready to get involved with the bigger kids.

 Practicing stunt riding. Naturally.

Nov 10, 2013


We went trick or treating around the neighborhood for Halloween. My parents came too, it was fun for everyone. Kins ended up being tired, she is often tired by 6 or so these days because she usually won't nap anymore, but she doesn't make up for it at night. Big Mac walked a lot more than she did. Kins did love going to each door and saying trick or treat. She liked roaring at people too. She just wanted to ride in the stroller inbetween, and was disappointed to learn that we couldn't wheel the stroller up porch steps directly to each door. I think Big Mac was the most impressed by all the pumpkins. He just loves pumpkins. Talking about them, remarking on how they may be hot when they're lit up. So exciting.

 Big Mac thought this skull that had red glowing eyes and laughed maniacally was hilarious. It was tough to convince him to leave it.
 I've been doing a little playgroup, and we had a Halloween themed playgroup. Nothing fancy, but I made this dragon to pin the tail on, and the other moms brought crafts for the kids to do. It was fun.

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