Big Mac 1.5 Years

I just read through Cubby's 18 month post, and the differences between her at that age and Big Mac now are hilarious. In my 18 month post I say how she has just learned to stand up without using furniture to pull herself up on. Big Mac was able to do this very shortly after he learned to walk, at a year. But, she knew many books by name at his age, and she had been able to do a simple puzzle for a couple of months by this age. He thinks puzzles are a supreme waste of time, and likes to use the puzzle pieces as tambourines rather than sit and think about where to put them.

He has just recently started to like the idea of being read to. He will bring a book over and sit in my lap, but, he gets bored after 30 seconds and wanders off or tries to steal the book and flip through it at a faster speed. Reading to him and Cubby together doesn't work since he steals the book before we finish one page. He does sit and flip through books on his own for a few minutes at a time. His favorite book is a little one about cars. He just loves to point out cars. In books, real cars, toys, in pictures. His favorite toys are toy cars.

I would guess he knows somewhere around 200 words now, maybe more. He puts words together some, like night night Kins, bye bye scarecrow (a favorite thing to visit on walks), hi Sadie.

He loves to play with kids, wrestling or chasing mostly. He hates being left behind, will chase you saying, "wait! wait!" He wants to do everything that Kins does. He did his first somersault copying her. He fake sleeps the same funny way she does. She wants to dress up, he wants to dress up:

 Just everything she does he wants to do... and everything she has he wants to have of course. He isn't bad about sharing for his age though. He loves putting on his shoes. He brings me shoes all the time, usually different shoes for each foot, demanding that I help him put them on. It's because shoes mean going outside, his favorite thing.

He weighs almost 23 pounds and he is 31 inches tall. He is about 18th percentile for height. And he is about 12th percentile for weight on the cdc charts. A side note, the cdc clearly states that it's charts should not be used in pediatrician's offices for kids under age 2, but both ped offices we have used still use cdc charts for my kids. Kind of strange.

Sleeping is the best it has ever been and I really hope he keeps doing this well. For over a month he would wake up at 6 and would not go back to sleep. That still happens, but now it's occasionally and not every morning, and when it does happen now, he will almost always play happily in his crib until at least 7. He seems to be waking between 7-7:30 more often, which is when he would always wake before the month of 6 am wake ups.  He is regularly waking just once a night now too, which is huge for us. He goes to bed about 8:30. He takes a 1.5-2.5 hour nap. We have really hit a stride, both overnight and with naps and I'm very happy with it. It seems like this whole past year, I've always been trying some new scheme to get him to wake less often, and none of it ever worked. What finally worked, it seems, is him getting older. Well. I hope the days of waking more than once a night are in the past anyway.

He's a fairly well mannered boy. When we go to play times at the library he never is the one stealing toys from other kids, and he even sometimes shares them willingly when kids try to steal from him. When he feels like he's really got a cool toy though, he does not allow other kids to take it, he will yank it right back. He has developed a rather unfavorable habit of yanking on younger kids clothing or even their skin. When they cry and he is reprimanded, he looks helplessly at me and explains, "baby, baby." I don't know why he feels this is an acceptable excuse, but he seems to feel he is completely innocent of the accusations.

He and Kins play together more and more. It is one of my favorite things to see them making up games together and playing nicely.


  1. He has such a gleam of mischief in his eyes in the first pic. What a cutie!
    Both kids are at a fun age, and watching them learn to interact is great fun for parents and grandparents.

  2. love his huge grin in the pirate picture. yeah, I don't know what the deal is with everyone still using the cdc charts. very strange.


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