Bedtime Stories

Kins can be resistant to going to sleep. When she has called me up more than once or twice for various things that she does not actually need, obviously just trying to buy time, I start telling her if she yells again then she is going to lose some certain privilege. A couple nights ago she was yelling down, and I was ignoring her, since she'd been at it for awhile. I heard her gate fall over. I put a gate in her doorway, because otherwise she won't stay in her room. I went up to tell her she had lost the option to watch any cartoons the next day, and had to start laughing at the sight before me. There she was, buck naked, desperately trying to put the gate back in place, saying things like, "ok, let's just put this right here." As soon as she caught sight of me coming, she darted off and jumped into bed, thinking perhaps I would never know. Turned out, she had peed perhaps a half teaspoon's worth of pee in her diaper and had tried to change it herself, but she can't usually get diapers on quite right on her own. Then, she had accidentally knocked the gate down while she was leaning over it hollering at me.

That night, she had a terrible night. She woke up scared, and would not go back to sleep for over an hour. She claimed her room was scary, but could  not identify anything specific that was scary. The next night, I thought we would try letting her sleep in Big Mac's room. She said she wanted to and she wouldn't be scared if she was in his room. I set up a little bed for her in his room. We discussed how she couldn't talk to him or bother him. We snuck in after he fell asleep and went to her bed, and first thing, she forgot to whisper and said in an outraged tone, "but he isn't in here!" She thought they were going to sleep in the same bed. She said she still wanted to sleep in his room despite this disastrous discovery. Right after I left, I could see on the monitor that she was standing next to his crib. Chattering, singing, and passing toys back and forth to him, since he was wide awake by then. I thought it was new and exciting, so I'd just let it wear off some and see how it went. Not two minutes later, she starts saying, in a very whiny voice, "Mama! This is a little bit boring! I want to go back to my room!" Failure. However, apparently the terrible boredom she experienced in Big Mac's room made her realize that her room was great. She didn't complain about being in there and didn't wake up scared.


  1. lol, pretty classic story. I've often wondered how it would go putting the two kids in the same room to sleep. Sounds like it went about as well as could be expected.

  2. She had high expectations for hanging out in Max's room. Unfortunately, the fun just didn't come through. If only Max would have cooperated by playing with her in the middle of the night. Oh, well, soon they'll be old enough to climb gates and get out of cribs, and then sleeping (or not) will become more interesting.


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