Tooter Camera Pics

Had a little photo shoot with the Tooter's camera. I just love that thing. This collage reminds me of those 80's pics, where there would always be a somber profile, and then a regular smiling. In fact, now that I'm thinking of it, I think I have one of them of me. Yes, haha. Ok, I'm putting it below this one.
Huh. I never really thought he had my nose, but in the profile, our noses look very similar.

During our 20 minute photo shoot, Big Mac was busted on camera eating 3 different non edible items. 
 Kins was making silly faces.
And supermodel faces
Happy faces
These are my favorite of Big Mac:

Then we got a few with Daddy.
 Pure happiness here

Big Mac is always throwing unreasonable fits. I think this one may have been because I wouldn't let him freely roam the house carrying an entire stick of butter.


  1. The Mac really looks like you in profile. Funny about Mac's sad act. Steve said it made him really want to run around the house carrying a stick of butter... Now we know where Mac gets the tendency.

  2. lol that last picture's description reminds me of that blog "reasons my son is crying." not positive that's the exact name but it's funny in the same way. well done getting some pretty fantastic photos.


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