Pics and Haps

The weather getting colder means baths in the big tub are more appealing. Big Mac has started to sometimes sit and play instead of trying to scale the tub walls the whole time.

Big Mac gravitates toward all things machine related. He has all of Kin's old toys to play with, and just a few cars, and with no encouragement, he goes for the cars. Even with books. This little car book has become a favorite. He sometimes likes me to read it to him. But, he doesn't like me to turn the pages or touch the book. He wants to hold it, and usually not turn any pages. It's progress with the reading thing anyway.
Speaking of reading, Kins keeps begging me to buy her a Jake and the Neverland pirate ship. I told her for her birthday, but she keeps talking about it. I realized I could use this. So, She has been promised a ship when she learns to sound out words. She is applying herself now, and I bet it won't be too long with that kind of incentive.

A trip to the zoo. It's been hard going to uncontained places with Big Mac and Kins. Neither of them are great at staying close, so it's pretty much impossible unless Big Mac is in the carrier or stroller, which he hates. He despises holding my hand, and I assumed he would hate wearing a harness too, but I was wrong. He asks to put it on even at home, and it's given us the freedom to do a lot more. He's surprised me with how accepting he is of not being able to go certain directions and still enjoying the freedoms the harness does afford him. He certainly doesn't just follow along with me like a dog on a leash, but I can at least keep him from going totally in the wrong direction, and I can look around after Kins knowing that he is safe on the other end of the leash instead of hoping he won't dart off while I'm watching her for 1 second.
I finally broke down and got a double stroller other than the huge jogging stroller we have. It's just not practical to take that thing places easily, and when I bring the little single stroller, Kins always ends up wanting me to carry her while I'm pushing Big Mac. I got this stroller cheap and used, and it's working out great.
Kins writing a thank you note. I wrote the letters lightly in yellow, then gave her a dark marker to trace over my letters with. She's getting good at writing her letters. She then asked to learn to write her name. And by her name, she meant Cubby. She knows how to write her other name too.
We went to the children's museum for the first time and boy was I impressed. That place is very well thought out. It's got big cars for them to climb in, and play gas stations next to them. A huge playhouse will and elaborate kitchen. A grocery store with little carts and check out stations. Big water tables of all sizes with waterfalls, boats, floating balls that can go down the rivers, and more. Contained play area for smaller kids. Classes the kids can take including art, music, science, and more. And that's just the first floor. We haven't made it to the other floors yet. Turns out you can get a year membership for 30 dollars a person, so we signed right up. This is another example of something I wouldn't have felt like we could do before the harness. I end up not having to use it very much, but it  makes me feel more in control to just clip it on him and have it as an option for when he decides to try and run  off.

Here is Kins listening intently in a science class.

One last random pic from the fair.


  1. Is that thank you note to brama and papa? that's such a cute idea. The harness definitely has some good uses for toddlers. I'm sure I'll end up whipping ours out for Biscuits pretty soon.


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