Pics and Haps

Kins took one of her 5 current favorite stuffed animals on our run/park trip the other day. I noticed she was holding monkey out of the stroller, and I asked her what monkey was up to. She told me that he was "just flyin'"
 Later, she had me strap him in with her for his safety. Big Mac was quite displeased. It can be rough getting back into the stroller after a stop of the park, it's hard to accept the park time is over.
 Monkey enjoyed many trips down the slide and through the tunnel. Then, when he got home, monkey told the other 4 animals in his clique all about his trip.
 We have been keeping up with the Sunday Afternoons hiking tradition. Here are a few pics from the latest one. Millcreek canyon's desolation trail up to the overlook. Kins is asleep here.
Tim has most of the good pics on his phone, but this shows the overlook a little bit.
 Another shot of sleeping Kins.
 I had an epiphany. There's no way to carry anything with me when I'm wearing Big Mac on my back... unless.... yes... unless, I'm wearing a fanny back. Oh, boy. My mother is going to be so proud. And, it worked great. I loved it.
Kins started up dance class again. She did really well for the first half hour, after that I think it was a little long for her to concentrate. During the second half, when concentration was waning, she peeked under the black curtain in the background. The instructor goes, "You don't want to look under there, there are monsters under there!" Which was a big mistake. Mass panic began among the children. Mothers had to come up, multiple reassurances made, and still, the kids were pretty skeptical of that black curtain for the remainder of dance class.
 Kins hair grows longer, but appears no longer because it just gets curlier.
 How I found the gate upon returning home this afternoon. The dogs were hanging out inside the fence still, but ventured out to say hello when I got home. They're such good dogs. Well. I think they are. I hope Howie didn't run next door and slaughter another rabbit....
 Tim and I went out on a date to Fats. We played there together 10 years ago when we were first dating, and even before that when we were just friends. We both still love to go.
 Big Mac likes to pretend to potty.


  1. Monkey sure had a fun trip to the park!
    Yes, I'm very proud of that fanny pack. Finally you figured out why I always carry one. Quite simply, it's handy.
    Big Mac will potty train early, with big sis to teach him.

  2. The fanny pack is pretty clever. I remember when I got the ergo a long time ago, they sold an accessory pouch for like $30 that was basically a fanny pack and I remember scoffing it at the time and thinking I could just purchase a cheap fanny pack...then promptly forgot about that idea until seeing this post. Zoey looks so cute sleeping on Tim's back.


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