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Kins is on day 3 of demanding to only be addressed as "Cubby" a pirate on her pirate cartoon. She is intrigued by all things pirate. We got a bunch of books involving pirates at the library and she is in heaven. I am to be addressed only as "Jake", even though there is a girl pirate on the cartoon. Big Mac is the girl, he may only be called "Izzy". Poor Tim is designated the bird character, I'm not sure why Captain Hook hasn't been hanging around these past few days. Here's a picture of Cubby. Kins is holding her hand up to pretend her fingers are his hair spikes.
Big Mac has become desperate to take his vitamin each day. He sure can communicate what he wants without knowing all the words. He starts yanking on your pants, yelling, "Marry me! Marry me!" which is carry me. Once he's been obliged, he leans forcefully while holding out his hand in the direction you're supposed to carry him. He says, "Bi, bi" leaning you toward the cabinet with the vitamins, then he opens the door and grabs the bottle. He gets pretty sad when you have to turn him down after he already has taken his vitamin that day.

I've been trying to get the kids out in the yard more often. We didn't use it as much as I feel like we should've for a little while.  The peacocks and turkeys from the other side of the fence kept hanging out in the yard in the morning pooping. I got grossed out by the kids stepping in huge bird poops. I tried a variety of methods to get them to stop coming over, but the one that seems to have worked, was me chasing them at top speed barking and yelling loudly. Better me than the dogs, I'm pretty sure at least one would have been taken down had I let the dogs do it. Tim laughed pretty hard at me in action. But, I haven't seen them in a couple weeks, so I may have gotten the job done. Beyond not having fresh piles of gigantic bird poop scattered liberally around the yard, the weather has been glorious. If we aren't up to anything else, we go play in the yard in the afternoons until dinner time.

Huh. Just realized my next story has to do with animal excrement too. I guess it's just that type of blog post. Well. Zeus, the cat, kept using the sandbox as a litter box. I had the sandbox on the far side of the porch from where the door is, so I wouldn't be able to see when the lid was left off the sandbox. Both kids are always going out there and pulling off the lid, so keeping it on is pretty much an impossible task. I realized, I could just put the sandbox right by the door so I could always see if the lid was on, much easier. Also, easier to keep an eye on the kids. I like those moments when I realize there is a much easier way to do something than how I've been doing it.
These kids just love the sandbox. They never seem to get tired of it. I would say they each spend at the very least an hour per day playing in it. Which is why I found it disturbing when I noticed the side of the play sand, which is advertised for child use, also warned about how the sand is known to cause cancer in the state of California. I read up on it, and it's the silica dust. And really only in sand blasting situations where someone breathes in tiny particles for hours per day. But, still, the sand we had from home depot was pretty dusty, and my kids do spend a ton of time pouring it and stirring up dust. I researched it and you can buy non silica sand, but it's a million dollars. I finally found some washed sand at toys r us. It's silica, but it has been washed of dust. It's remarkably dust free. It's about double the cost of cheapo home depot sand, but a third the cost of the non silica stuff.

When Tim and I went out on our date to Fats, Tooter took some pics of the kids. I like these of Kins. 


  1. Zoey is starting to develop quite the impressive imagination. She's such an adorable kid. I love that picture of Max looking super pumped in the backyard.

  2. Must've been a funny sight, with you chasing the birds out of the yard!
    Zoey looks cute in her kerchief, and I love the closeups. Max looks like he's having great fun playing in the yard!


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