Kins likes to watch a disney pirate cartoon. She is getting into role playing and often demands that I play the part of one of the pirates, while she is captain hook. She makes a tiny little hook with her finger, and then she pulls her sleeve down over her hand. She came up with that second part on her own, I was impressed.

Kins was using some art supplies when she said, "Tangled can paint on her walls, but we shoudn't paint on our walls." (She gets this from her book based on the movie tangled). I said that was correct, so she said, "But, how can get get to her house?"

Kins is into counting to a certain number, and then you doing some certain action. For example, she will say, "I'm gonna count to 3, and then you're gonna cry." Obviously this is a discipline approach I use on her fairly often. It seems to work pretty well. I don't perse order her to cry, but she sometimes does because the event that happens upon reaching 3 is usually unfavorable. I mean, not like beating her unfavorable, just like going to her room unfavorable... just to be clear.

Tim and I went out to Leatherby's for delicious ice cream concoctions for our anniversary. Big mac stuffed his face, meanwhile, Kins mixed together the colors as if she were playing with paint. Marveling over new color creations. Dribbling fudge into her soupy, uneaten ice cream puddle to make designs. Typical. However, girl loves pickles. You know, 0 calorie pickles. The one thing she will eat an amount of that I'd call reasonable.

Big Mac informed me that he pooped this morning. Kinda nice if he starts doing this regularly, since strangely, his poops are often not very stinky and so I can not notice for awhile, which means diaper rash.


  1. She's the cutest Captain Hook ever!
    Good logic, too. If she can only find Tangled's house, she'll have lots of walls to paint on!

  2. I guess the plus side of the Leatherby's visit is it sounds like they were both pretty entertained. hopefully that meant that you and Tim could actually have a couple minutes to relax and eat ice cream. that's always quite luxurious. that max is a smartypants to be telling you that he's pooped already. definitely could come in handy.


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