Kins wanted to wear a bandana like daddy. She wanted Big Mac to have one too.

Big Mac's foot on the left. They're less than 2 sizes apart. It won't be long before she is wearing his hand me down shoes instead of the other way around.
Kins has been into puzzles lately. She can fairly easily do 24 pieces and easy 36 pieces. More than that, and she gets bored. I found this free puzzle app for the ipad. There are lots of puzzle pictures to choose from, and she can even choose to use a picture from the photo gallery. She loves it. It has a timer, and she has gotten her time down from 10 minutes per puzzle to under 5. She laughs and beams with pride when she finishes each one.
Big Mac was pleased with this situation.

I love seeing them play together. He tries so hard to do everything she does.
He's going, "Hello?! Hello??" in this picture.

Poor Big Mac stuck wearing pink bunny shoes. Sometimes I can't find his shoes and resort to the back up shoes that Kins used to wear. They love the hose. A tiny dribble from the hose can provide a half hour of solid entertainment.

He's admiring her technique of pulling the blanket to her chin. 

Handsome with his hair all combed. A rare occurrence.

The santa outfit that she and Bears put together. She wore it to the aquarium later.

 Bears dressed as... something.

The sky looked a lot cooler in person. You could see sunbeams coming out in a full circle around the clouds the sun was hiding behind. I think I was also extra stoked that morning because it was cloudy. It's a real treat to run when it's cloudy during the summer in these parts. 


  1. I love the dress up outfits.
    Kins and Mac sure are cute playing together. Those bandanas are quite stylin'.

  2. such cutie the do we call them in Texas...

  3. I love how you managed to capture her beaming with pride so perfectly. She does have some very impressive skills with puzzles. Max does, indeed, look super handsome with his hair combed. lol, those costumes they whipped up were pretty good. Bears is still talking about them, especially the santa one.


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