Pics and Haps

Big Mac can pucker up like nobody's business.

Bears loves to put on costumes. It's something they usually do, especially on playdates at his house, since all of his costumes are there just waiting to be worn.
 On the last visit from Brama and Papa.
She got the idea to make muffins, and she was so excited to help. She didn't want to actually eat the finished product, of course, but she enjoyed herself.
 Big Mac modeling his tiger hat/headband from the library. It's cool that the library almost always has some kind of craft for the kids to do after story time. He kept putting it on and running around going, "Raawrrrrr!"
 Another playdate where the costumes were busted out.
 We went to a wedding and brought the ipad for emergency use. After awhile we decided it was time. Another little girl was seduced by the technology, and Kins was happy to share and show her the ropes.


  1. That picture of her making muffins is so cute. Her expression and perfect curls just push it over the top. Love the pics you managed to get of bears and zoey all dressed up. and of course, max's kissy face is ridiculously cute. definitely some winners as far as pictures go here. Yeah, those ipads sure do come in handy during cases of emergency.

  2. They're both excellent pucker-upers and cuddlers. Love Zoey's pic making muffins. She looks very proud.


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