Makinisms and random

I got my fastest running time ever the other day. I was running with Tim. I usually run by myself with the double stroller, but this time I was able to have Tim push it. We did 3 miles at an average of about 8:20. I don't think I've ever done an average of under 8:30 recently. I do think I've run more this summer than any summer since college, so I guess that'll do it. I also have been doing a route with hills, so pushing the double up those gives me bursts of really tough challenges, or basically high intensity interval training that I hear a lot about. Supposedly it helps improve times, and I would say it does seem to in my case. I'm going to miss summer running this winter like never before. It's the first summer I've ever done a lot of running and not had shin splints. I don't know if I've improved my stride or what, but it's been great.

Big Mac is occasionally waking just once, and a handful of times over the past month, he's even slept all the way through the night. I am starting to think that maybe before he is 2, he will sleep mostly through the night. I hope.

After telling Kins, or Wee Wee as Big Mac has been calling her lately, that Ruth and Riley were coming over, "I'm going to do my letter puzzle, and they will be so impressed."

Big Mac must always be wearing a onesie. If he has the ability to stick his hand down his pants and inappropriately expose himself, he will. By itself, this would be a bit of a social issue, but not a huge deal. It's not enough for him though. He follows up this maneuver by peeing on the floor, then stomping in it gleefully. One day I thought since he'd done it once, I was safe for awhile. Wrong. He apparently hoards his pee so he can mark his territory repeatedly.

She can take in explanations well now. She wondered if birds lose their feathers and get cold. I told her that birds lose feathers, but they grow in new ones. Just like she loses hair, and grows new hair. Then, I then heard her repeat the entire explanation under her breath, really thinking it through. It was so cute. She likes to identify old trees as the ones without leaves.

Big Mac is starting to understand how to answer yes or no. He knows he can say yes or no about food/drinks. And he's recently started applying it to other things. He says no with conviction, but yes is always a whispered, yet excited, "yeah!" He makes it pretty clear when he wants to nap or go to bed lately. He asks to be picked up, then leans his body to make me walk the way he wants me to. He will lead me into his room. Then I'll ask for confirmation, "you want to go to bed? Get in your crib?" And he'll go, "yeah!"

Big Mac knows how to steer me to get what he wants. His personal taxi. He goes, "marry me!" which means carry me. Then he leans forcefully in the direction he wants me to go. Some common destinations are the fridge, to get his drink. The light switches or the stereo, for turning on and off. Or, the door to go out and play.


  1. I've experienced Big Mac demanding to be held, then demanding where he wants to be taken.
    Kins is at a cute age for explanations and followup questions. You can almost see the gears turning in her curly little head as she processes information.


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