Aug 22, 2013

Pics and Haps

Big Mac can pucker up like nobody's business.

Bears loves to put on costumes. It's something they usually do, especially on playdates at his house, since all of his costumes are there just waiting to be worn.
 On the last visit from Brama and Papa.
She got the idea to make muffins, and she was so excited to help. She didn't want to actually eat the finished product, of course, but she enjoyed herself.
 Big Mac modeling his tiger hat/headband from the library. It's cool that the library almost always has some kind of craft for the kids to do after story time. He kept putting it on and running around going, "Raawrrrrr!"
 Another playdate where the costumes were busted out.
 We went to a wedding and brought the ipad for emergency use. After awhile we decided it was time. Another little girl was seduced by the technology, and Kins was happy to share and show her the ropes.

Aug 20, 2013

Sunday Afternoons

 We've been hiking the past couple Sundays and I'm hoping we can keep it up and make it into a tradition. It's hard to carve out time when we can go on the weekends when Big Mac isn't napping, but having a set time that we go seems to make it easier. We decided to call the hikes Sunday Afternoons, because that's the brand of hat we always wear and put on the kids too so we thought it was fitting.
 Kins is pretty good about getting carried on Tim's back in the back carrier. She does like to get down and explore some, but she is a huge cuddle bug and is nearly always content to be carried around places in general. For example, she often is desperate to be carried and tries to get away with not walking on the way into the library or store from the car. Big Mac is not so easy to carry when he doesn't want to be carried. He's got a lot of cuddle bug in him too, he's constantly demanding, "may me!" (carry me), but only when it suits him, which is never in new places. He won't even walk 10 feet in the correct direction if he is walking. He gets very firm opinions about what he wants to be doing, and shoos me off with an offended, "Noooooo!" When I attempt to lead him by hand. So, we had to just put him in the carrier and let him cry it out for the first hike. Before that one, we hadn't been in awhile when he was forced to sit for over an hour total. He cried for awhile, but he finally reached the acceptance phase. He realized life wasn't too bad being toted around and started to enjoy the sights. The next hike he was actually happy nearly the whole time, so it was much more fun for everyone.
 This past Sunday we went up to Greens Basin. Most of the hike is through thick forest, so it's a great one for a hot day. I've been up a few times, but this was Tim's first time. The first time I went, Laura and I walked up on a moose and surprised him (and us!). Tim and I made some noise to try to avoid that happening. We did see lots of moose tracks, but no actual moose.
 We saw some cool huge trees along the trail.

 Finally, Tim got in on a picture. He was the photographer most of this hike because I didn't have any pockets.

 Moose track. Hard to make it out in the picture, but these were huge.

Aug 15, 2013

Makinisms and random

I got my fastest running time ever the other day. I was running with Tim. I usually run by myself with the double stroller, but this time I was able to have Tim push it. We did 3 miles at an average of about 8:20. I don't think I've ever done an average of under 8:30 recently. I do think I've run more this summer than any summer since college, so I guess that'll do it. I also have been doing a route with hills, so pushing the double up those gives me bursts of really tough challenges, or basically high intensity interval training that I hear a lot about. Supposedly it helps improve times, and I would say it does seem to in my case. I'm going to miss summer running this winter like never before. It's the first summer I've ever done a lot of running and not had shin splints. I don't know if I've improved my stride or what, but it's been great.

Big Mac is occasionally waking just once, and a handful of times over the past month, he's even slept all the way through the night. I am starting to think that maybe before he is 2, he will sleep mostly through the night. I hope.

After telling Kins, or Wee Wee as Big Mac has been calling her lately, that Ruth and Riley were coming over, "I'm going to do my letter puzzle, and they will be so impressed."

Big Mac must always be wearing a onesie. If he has the ability to stick his hand down his pants and inappropriately expose himself, he will. By itself, this would be a bit of a social issue, but not a huge deal. It's not enough for him though. He follows up this maneuver by peeing on the floor, then stomping in it gleefully. One day I thought since he'd done it once, I was safe for awhile. Wrong. He apparently hoards his pee so he can mark his territory repeatedly.

She can take in explanations well now. She wondered if birds lose their feathers and get cold. I told her that birds lose feathers, but they grow in new ones. Just like she loses hair, and grows new hair. Then, I then heard her repeat the entire explanation under her breath, really thinking it through. It was so cute. She likes to identify old trees as the ones without leaves.

Big Mac is starting to understand how to answer yes or no. He knows he can say yes or no about food/drinks. And he's recently started applying it to other things. He says no with conviction, but yes is always a whispered, yet excited, "yeah!" He makes it pretty clear when he wants to nap or go to bed lately. He asks to be picked up, then leans his body to make me walk the way he wants me to. He will lead me into his room. Then I'll ask for confirmation, "you want to go to bed? Get in your crib?" And he'll go, "yeah!"

Big Mac knows how to steer me to get what he wants. His personal taxi. He goes, "marry me!" which means carry me. Then he leans forcefully in the direction he wants me to go. Some common destinations are the fridge, to get his drink. The light switches or the stereo, for turning on and off. Or, the door to go out and play.

Aug 5, 2013


Kins wanted to wear a bandana like daddy. She wanted Big Mac to have one too.

Big Mac's foot on the left. They're less than 2 sizes apart. It won't be long before she is wearing his hand me down shoes instead of the other way around.
Kins has been into puzzles lately. She can fairly easily do 24 pieces and easy 36 pieces. More than that, and she gets bored. I found this free puzzle app for the ipad. There are lots of puzzle pictures to choose from, and she can even choose to use a picture from the photo gallery. She loves it. It has a timer, and she has gotten her time down from 10 minutes per puzzle to under 5. She laughs and beams with pride when she finishes each one.
Big Mac was pleased with this situation.

I love seeing them play together. He tries so hard to do everything she does.
He's going, "Hello?! Hello??" in this picture.

Poor Big Mac stuck wearing pink bunny shoes. Sometimes I can't find his shoes and resort to the back up shoes that Kins used to wear. They love the hose. A tiny dribble from the hose can provide a half hour of solid entertainment.

He's admiring her technique of pulling the blanket to her chin. 

Handsome with his hair all combed. A rare occurrence.

The santa outfit that she and Bears put together. She wore it to the aquarium later.

 Bears dressed as... something.

The sky looked a lot cooler in person. You could see sunbeams coming out in a full circle around the clouds the sun was hiding behind. I think I was also extra stoked that morning because it was cloudy. It's a real treat to run when it's cloudy during the summer in these parts. 

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