Jul 27, 2013

Stuff i like

I don't know for sure about other cities, but it appears that a lot of them use Overdrive. It's this app you can use on your smart phone, or you can go to it online. It's a site where you can search for ebooks and audiobooks using an app right on your phone, and if you have a library card number/pin, you just put it in and download the ebooks or audiobooks to your phone (computer, kindle) for free. The selection is decent. I've been almost exclusively reading on my phone lately. I love how it's impossible to be irresponsible and rack up late fees this way, the license just expires without you doing anything. I've been listening to books too, when I walk or clean.

Hip hop by Dead Prez. I've been obsessed with this song for running. Not necessarily the lyrics, but it gets me in the mood to run hard.

Capri running pants. Like biker shorts, but capris. I've seen these on like 75% of women running for years now it seems like, but never got it before. Now, I've embraced the trend. I one day was randomly struck by the idea that if I wore them, I could run without constantly yanking down on my shorts that are riding up. It's excellent. And an unexpected bonus, I've racked up a lot of compliments from Tim wearing them. From a guy who does not often compliment wardrobe. And by not often, I mean, I can't remember if he's ever done it before. He now firmly believes that they are the sexiest work out bottoms around.

Side braid. I can't do a back braid, or I'd probably do it too. I used to wear a bun all the time, but the braid makes so much more sense. It doesn't get in the way when I lean my head back, it doesn't pull on my scalp and make my head sore after awhile, and it stays put pretty well.


  1. Ha, ha, at first I thought you meant that you were getting compliments because Tim was wearing them. I was surprised Tim could fit into your capri pants! But no doubt he would look excellent in them, if he could squeeze them on.
    I'm enjoying the library e-books. Good point that library fines are a thing of the past.

    1. Haha... lets not show Tim this comment.He would totally put them on. They're pretty stretchy so I bet he could manage... but I question how well the capris would handle this.

  2. I'm a big fan of running in the capris. Amazingly, I've developed very strong opinions about them. All that talk about the weird panel at the top is gimmick, and especially on you is completely unnecessary because it's supposed to minimize muffin top.

    I've found that the $60 Gap capris are crap and will slowly fall down as you run.

    I like the Athleta ones (http://athleta.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=46711#style=84157) a lot as long as they have the built-in drawstring. I find the drawstring essential to prevent creep. There's an Athleta at City Creek if you wanted to experiment.

    Lululemon is even better because their material is more comfortable and I like the wicking panels behind the knees, but the difference between the $70 Athleta and $90 Lululemon is not worth it. There's a Lululemon at Trolley Square.

    1. Right now I run in Kohl's cheapie capris. Twelve dollars a pop. they're fantastic with one tiny drawback... the seams start falling apart on the first wash. So I sew over them with a zigzag stitch. It might not be a terrible idea to upgrade, haha. :) thanks for the info. I've heard lululemon is great quality, but I've never been in one before.

  3. i've got a pair of capris from old navy a couple years back that are still holding up. seems like they cost more than $12 though. and that's interesting about the purpose of the fold over top being to minimize muffin top. I always wondered what the point was supposed to be. You do really rock the side braid. nice to have something easy that still shows off your long hair.


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