Strawberry Pass Hiking

We met up with my parents for a hike recently. Strawberry pass is a good summer meet up spot between our house and their house. It would be hard to find a more beautiful place to hike. We let the kids walk most of the way, in other words, the hike was not all that long when measured in distance. They had a blast.

Brama showing Big Mac how to chuck rocks into a little pond we found. Both kids got very into this activity. The pond was surrounded by mud, and stomping around in the mud was also a big hit. They were both very messy, and very satisfied by the time we headed back to the cars.
Big Mac needed a walking stick.

Papa helped her find some insects that she could hold. She was thrilled. She's really into pretending that insects are friends. Holding them close to each other, talking about how much they like each other. Or if she's just got one, taking it everywhere with her.This picture is featuring a grasshopper and a cicada shell.
Brama brought chairs and a picnic lunch for us to munch on after we finished hiking. Kins liked sitting in her chair, and carried around her sandwich pretending like she might eat it, which of course she didn't. Big Mac actually enjoyed his meal of course.


  1. Ah, yes, a totally satisfying hike, insects, rock-throwing, and all.

  2. what a fun day...great photos..


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