The usual look he sports these days. You know, bloody. He doesn't seem to take away much from pain. He scoffs at it and goes back for more.
Being like big sister. They're getting along so well these days.
This was taken after he climbed up into the high chair on his own. I turn it on it's side when it's not in use now. Otherwise he's up there standing in it, swaying violently from side to side, seemingly trying desperately to fall over in it.
Preparing eggs.
Going night night together.
After a traumatic middle of the night diaper change involving awful diaper rash, he crawled over and needed a long hug from daddy.
They have a good time together in the wading pool. Mostly they play with cups. Big Mac drinks obscene amounts of pool water. He has learned to use one cup to fill another too. He fills and dumps, just like Kins, it's all very entertaining.

Wearing their Sunny Shrugz. These things are pretty cool. I love not having to deal with sun screen when I use them.
Tim's grandma is moving and she let us have a few pieces of her furniture. Score. =) Pretty cool to think Tim's dad sat on this furniture when he was a teenager.


  1. Between road rash, diaper rash, and eating inappropriate stuff, Big Mac sure keeps things interesting. Since he's so cute and cuddly, we don't really mind, do we?


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