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Tim tore up our old walkway to the front door and had it redone. We knew we would need to do it before we bought the house, the old walkway slanted in toward the house and there was water pooling up against the foundation when it rained. We'd been putting it off. But, we decided it was time to plant trees and get some shade going in the front yard, which ended up meaning we had to get the walkway redone. We realized we couldn't plant trees next to the walkway before it was redone, since an excavator then wouldn't be able to fit in there to tear up the old walkway. I sure hate spending money. But, at least we got to use our neighbor's excavator, and he even did the excavation and most of the prep work for us too. Tim came up with a new design for the walkway that I really like, that involved a little patio next to the front door. I like how it turned out.  

It wasn't complete without a personal touch...
 Kins wanted to write her own name. Then, she was startled when she realized she'd made a huge mistake, "Oh, no! I forgot to draw a heart!" She quickly remedied the situation.
Hanging out together at the park. Big Mac intrigued by his handful of wood chips. He has finally started eating them less often.
I'm not dieting anymore. =) I've been eating a lot of fat boys. Tim got this one, it came this way. A couple weeks before I got one with only half a cookie on one side. Fat boy may need to up it's quality control. However, they've never failed to be delicious.
Wearing my invisibility cloak. Also known as a birth control hat. Or a Sunday Afternoons hat. Which ever name you want to use. I call it my invisibility cloak because when I get to a crosswalk wearing this bad boy, no one stops. I need to study this phenomenon more. But, I'm pretty sold so far. Take off the hat, cars stop, put it on, commence invisibility. Maybe I look too old to cross quickly wearing it. Maybe people feel anonymous, like I can't see them ignoring me. I can't quite explain it.
Kins dressing Zeus up. He was wearing his hat for a little while.
Kins got 3 pillows and 3 stuffed animals and laid them out so that Tim and Big Mac could join her for fake bed time. Big Mac thinks she's so smart and cool.
My new phone screen background. I just love this one.
Big Mac likes to feed others.

Even Kins played along for a few bites.
Sick kid. She and Big Mac both got sick. High fever and sore throat for her, he didn't seem to have a sore throat, just the fever. He got better after maybe 4 days, she is on day 6 and woke up with a 104 temperature. Her tonsils look so hammered when you look in her mouth. I'm hoping day 7 will be the magic day where she starts to really get better.
Watching daddy work on the new sidewalk.


  1. The new patio and sidewalk look great! Love the inscriptions.
    Zeus certainly is patient, wearing his hat.
    Hope the kids are feeling better today.

  2. Is it just coincidence that mac is holding that blanket or is he starting to get attached to it? I don't know why but it just seems to adorable to me when kids get attached to inanimate objects...maybe my obsession has something to do with the fact that b&b have never gotten attached to anything. who knows. lol that picture of zeus all dressed up is a good one. So sad that this recent plague has hit kins so hard. hopefully she pulls out soon.


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