Family Reunion

Both of my brothers and my parents visited us last week. Both Kins and Big Mac just loved playing with their 4 cousins. Here they are making ice cream for Kin's pet dinosaur.
We had just recently missed a couple of birthdays and celebrated them with cake and singing. Tim lit the candles with a blowtorch, as tradition demanded.

We took a hike to secret lake where we saw lots of salamanders in the water. When we first arrived we were swarmed in what I thought were mosquitoes. Fortunately, they turned out to be mayflies. A great relief after having been eaten up fairly thoroughly by mosquitoes the day before at Lake Mary.
Lake Mary.
I got Tim and I these sun shrugs. Too bad for all the ladies out hiking, he usually puts a shirt on top of his shrug.
We went to the rodeo. I learned that taking my kids to things like this and also having a good time are not compatible. I guess we'd either need to take them to events more often, or just not at all until they are old enough to enjoy them. We had about 15 glorious minutes of them having fun. After that Kins got bored and kept alternately attempting to leave, or stroking strangers' butts who were seated in front of us. Meanwhile, Big Mac got claustrophobic and started screaming. Tim and I ended up having to leave and meet up with my parents later for fireworks. Kins liked the fireworks, but only from the safety of the car. We were planning to take her to see them close up, but she dove back into the car and wanted to watch there.

Tim giving horse rides around the house.
Secret Lake again. Giving chest bumps apparently.
Uncle Eric doing some yoga with a 28 pound monkey helping add a little extra challenge to the routine. Big Mac later attempted downward dog and also pushups, both semi successfully, but the pictures were blurry.
It was a very fun and busy few days. The house seems very quiet without 4 cousins around to play.


  1. Twas a good time for all. I especially enjoyed seeing the cousins play together.

  2. I was not aware of this blow torch tradition. Suddenly I'm feeling like quite the fool for not implementing this at my family parties. haha, love the pictures of the squirming zoey at the rodeo. I definitely could not pull this off with my kids either. My hat sure is off to seth and darleen.


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