Big Mac 15-16 Months

Big Mac is getting big into pretend and copying. He makes motions like big sister to serve ice cream out of their playhouse. He pretends to stir up fake eggs in a pot. He holds items up to his head and says, "hello" like they are phones. Really anything he sees you doing, he tries to do himself right after. He draws on the shower walls in the steam like Kins, making sounds in the same tones as her when she's drawing letters.

He greets animals. He says, "Hi horsie, each time we pass the horses on our lane. He says hi Sadie to the dogs. I'm not actually certain that horsie and sadie are said differently. For all I know he is calling the horses Sadie. He is often heard saying here you go, wow, here, hat, eye, nose, ear, shoe (big one, he just loves to come to me with shoes, and sit in my lap for me to put them on, means we are gonna go outside). Wee Wee is Kin's name. He says poo poo and pee pee. Haha. Kins uses a small potty most of the time, and he just loves to rush over and demand to check out what she's produced. He also really enjoys watching himself pee in the shower or tub. Luckily he is only able to rarely observe himself pooping. But, boy, when he does, it's a real treat (for him). He seems to fairly well get a fair amount of what I'm saying. I ask him to come sit in my lap, he does. If I say we're going out on the patio, he heads for the door, same with the high chair. He locks on when you tell him what things are, just stares at you, the object, points, tries to repeat the word. He is riveted by the idea that everything has a name. I would guess his vocabulary is at around 50 words.

He is strong. He started to pull himself up and into his playpen when he wanted in. It appeared that he was going to succeed, but I didn't want him to fall on his head, so I don't know for sure. He scales the big

His feet are size 4, which I think is funny because Kins just grew out of a size 5 shoe. He will be catching her on shoe size soon. He weighs about 21 pounds. He has slimmed down dramatically from when he was such a rolly polly little baby. He still eats well, but he never seems over overeat. He probably only takes 5-10 minutes to eat and then he's ready to get down and rumble. It's such a dramatic change from raising Kins.

Sleeping is not wonderful. He varies from waking 1-4 times per night and is pissed if anything but nursing results from being picked up. I think 2 is probably the most usual. I'm very pleased if it's just once. I need to let him cry it out and stick to my guns this time I think. I could understand needing maybe one snack overnight, I often have a snack. I also was thinking I'd wean him around 18 months, so pretty soon he's got to get used to not nursing overnight. I don't think it's a hunger thing, because he will feel content that he's gotten his way and go right back to sleep if he nurses for even 2 minutes and I don't think I'm producing much anymore.

He's gotten stranger shy these past few months and gets very clingy when we're around people he doesn't know.

He is happy almost all the time. Offers me huge smiles constantly. Loves to give fierce hugs accompanied by growls.


  1. He's so cute. I'm so glad he's not shy with me, because I love those big smiles.


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