3.5 Year Old Kins

I've been saving this post waiting until I get the right pictures added and think of more things she says to add... but... she's gonna be 4 before I finish up at this rate. Think I'll just post it not as complete as I'd like. It's just so hard to really paint a picture of who she is right now, I need to start writing down the things she says again and posting them. She says funny stuff so often.

She likes to draw. When she gets in the stroller she often wants to take a pen and note pad and she stays entertained with them. She patiently draws things over and over until she is satisfied that she can do it well. She can draw cat faces, people, lady bugs, and snails to name a few. She can write about half of her letters. She can write her name. 
She went through a phase that lasted weeks where she would only sleep 9 hours for every 24. She handled the sleep deprivation well, but, it was clearly not enough because she was always falling asleep too early for bedtime, but too late for a nap. She seems to be getting back on track. It's hard to say if it's just coincidence, but she got back on track after I got her an ok to wake clock. I program in the time that I want the clock to turn green. She knows she needs to wait until it turns green to come out of her room or to start yelling. The first morning, she woke up at her usual 6:30 after going to sleep around 10 pm. She screamed the whole 1.25 hours until her clock turned green. I reminded her a few times that she could come out when the clock turned green, but did not let her come out. It was actually pretty amusing, because she was yelling things like, "Maaammmaaa, (singsongy) I'm being naughty! I'm yelling!" I have a baby gate in her doorway, so she can look out, but she doesn't ever climb over it. The next morning she complained for a bit, but then,she got bored, and she... laid down and fell back to sleep! It seems like knowing the clock will reliably turn green she is willing to wait. Before, when it was just her having to trust that I was going to allow her out at some imaginary time, she wouldn't go back to sleep. It's gotten better and better over time. Now if she yells at all, I tell her that if she yells again, there will be no cartoons all day. I took away cartoons just once, and it hasn't happened again. She is so quiet now. If I'm up before her clock turns green, I'll check her on the monitor and I'll often see her very quietly playing with toys, and she will have gotten her clock and put it next to her, so she will see when it's green. She has been back to sleeping more like 12 hours per 24, and even napping fairly often again, which she stopped doing at all for  months. 
She can undress and dress herself if the clothes aren't too tight. 
She is potty trained except for overnight.

She stubbed her toe the other day. She crumpled to the floor dramatically, holding her foot and groaning, "Ow! Oooooo.... ooooo!" A moment later she said, "Crash!" and then, strangely, "I gotta eat it". She then began pretending to munch up her foot. 

She is still a total weirdo about eating. I still either spoon feed her, or she eats about 200 calories per day (literally). It's been awhile since I last tested her, it's probably time to try again and see if she is still missing hunger. I was feeding Big Mac chocolate recently, and gave her a piece too. She licked it a few times, and then proceeded to use it as a crayon. Baffling.

She isn't throwing as many fits these days, not that she was too bad about them ever, but she can be reasoned with better every day. She usually is agreeable if she knows why she needs to do (or not do) something. She's gotten extremely tolerant of Big Mac most of the time. She lights up when she sees him in the morning. She loves for him to be involved in many of her activities. She naturally gets sick of him always taking her things, but she's very good with him for the most part.

She is affectionate often. She gives spontaneous hugs, kisses, and tells us that she loves us. She loves to cuddle up. One thing she doesn't like is when I play with her hair. Which, you've seen her hair, is all the time. I just can't stop myself. She's constantly going, don't mama, I don't like that. It'll be the softest stroking I'm doing, which I personally would love, but she doesn't like it.

Pretty much every night after the kids go to sleep, at some point, Tim and I marvel over what amazing creations we've spawned, how they're just the best children in the world. The most sweet, smart, funny kids to ever walk the planet. And no one can prove us wrong. ;)


  1. They are amazing creations. No argument here!
    That clock is a mother's dream. Too bad it wasn't around back when you guys were little. Maybe you would have waited a while before rousing me for Dodos or baking some eggs.

  2. oh lol...that chocolate crayon bit was hilarious. I can totally picture it. hard to argue about mac 'n kins being some of the best kids out there. I sure am a fan.


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