Jul 27, 2013

Stuff i like

I don't know for sure about other cities, but it appears that a lot of them use Overdrive. It's this app you can use on your smart phone, or you can go to it online. It's a site where you can search for ebooks and audiobooks using an app right on your phone, and if you have a library card number/pin, you just put it in and download the ebooks or audiobooks to your phone (computer, kindle) for free. The selection is decent. I've been almost exclusively reading on my phone lately. I love how it's impossible to be irresponsible and rack up late fees this way, the license just expires without you doing anything. I've been listening to books too, when I walk or clean.

Hip hop by Dead Prez. I've been obsessed with this song for running. Not necessarily the lyrics, but it gets me in the mood to run hard.

Capri running pants. Like biker shorts, but capris. I've seen these on like 75% of women running for years now it seems like, but never got it before. Now, I've embraced the trend. I one day was randomly struck by the idea that if I wore them, I could run without constantly yanking down on my shorts that are riding up. It's excellent. And an unexpected bonus, I've racked up a lot of compliments from Tim wearing them. From a guy who does not often compliment wardrobe. And by not often, I mean, I can't remember if he's ever done it before. He now firmly believes that they are the sexiest work out bottoms around.

Side braid. I can't do a back braid, or I'd probably do it too. I used to wear a bun all the time, but the braid makes so much more sense. It doesn't get in the way when I lean my head back, it doesn't pull on my scalp and make my head sore after awhile, and it stays put pretty well.

Jul 25, 2013

Big Mac 15-16 Months

Big Mac is getting big into pretend and copying. He makes motions like big sister to serve ice cream out of their playhouse. He pretends to stir up fake eggs in a pot. He holds items up to his head and says, "hello" like they are phones. Really anything he sees you doing, he tries to do himself right after. He draws on the shower walls in the steam like Kins, making sounds in the same tones as her when she's drawing letters.

He greets animals. He says, "Hi horsie, each time we pass the horses on our lane. He says hi Sadie to the dogs. I'm not actually certain that horsie and sadie are said differently. For all I know he is calling the horses Sadie. He is often heard saying here you go, wow, here, hat, eye, nose, ear, shoe (big one, he just loves to come to me with shoes, and sit in my lap for me to put them on, means we are gonna go outside). Wee Wee is Kin's name. He says poo poo and pee pee. Haha. Kins uses a small potty most of the time, and he just loves to rush over and demand to check out what she's produced. He also really enjoys watching himself pee in the shower or tub. Luckily he is only able to rarely observe himself pooping. But, boy, when he does, it's a real treat (for him). He seems to fairly well get a fair amount of what I'm saying. I ask him to come sit in my lap, he does. If I say we're going out on the patio, he heads for the door, same with the high chair. He locks on when you tell him what things are, just stares at you, the object, points, tries to repeat the word. He is riveted by the idea that everything has a name. I would guess his vocabulary is at around 50 words.

He is strong. He started to pull himself up and into his playpen when he wanted in. It appeared that he was going to succeed, but I didn't want him to fall on his head, so I don't know for sure. He scales the big

His feet are size 4, which I think is funny because Kins just grew out of a size 5 shoe. He will be catching her on shoe size soon. He weighs about 21 pounds. He has slimmed down dramatically from when he was such a rolly polly little baby. He still eats well, but he never seems over overeat. He probably only takes 5-10 minutes to eat and then he's ready to get down and rumble. It's such a dramatic change from raising Kins.

Sleeping is not wonderful. He varies from waking 1-4 times per night and is pissed if anything but nursing results from being picked up. I think 2 is probably the most usual. I'm very pleased if it's just once. I need to let him cry it out and stick to my guns this time I think. I could understand needing maybe one snack overnight, I often have a snack. I also was thinking I'd wean him around 18 months, so pretty soon he's got to get used to not nursing overnight. I don't think it's a hunger thing, because he will feel content that he's gotten his way and go right back to sleep if he nurses for even 2 minutes and I don't think I'm producing much anymore.

He's gotten stranger shy these past few months and gets very clingy when we're around people he doesn't know.

He is happy almost all the time. Offers me huge smiles constantly. Loves to give fierce hugs accompanied by growls.

Jul 24, 2013

Pictures and happenings

Tim tore up our old walkway to the front door and had it redone. We knew we would need to do it before we bought the house, the old walkway slanted in toward the house and there was water pooling up against the foundation when it rained. We'd been putting it off. But, we decided it was time to plant trees and get some shade going in the front yard, which ended up meaning we had to get the walkway redone. We realized we couldn't plant trees next to the walkway before it was redone, since an excavator then wouldn't be able to fit in there to tear up the old walkway. I sure hate spending money. But, at least we got to use our neighbor's excavator, and he even did the excavation and most of the prep work for us too. Tim came up with a new design for the walkway that I really like, that involved a little patio next to the front door. I like how it turned out.  

It wasn't complete without a personal touch...
 Kins wanted to write her own name. Then, she was startled when she realized she'd made a huge mistake, "Oh, no! I forgot to draw a heart!" She quickly remedied the situation.
Hanging out together at the park. Big Mac intrigued by his handful of wood chips. He has finally started eating them less often.
I'm not dieting anymore. =) I've been eating a lot of fat boys. Tim got this one, it came this way. A couple weeks before I got one with only half a cookie on one side. Fat boy may need to up it's quality control. However, they've never failed to be delicious.
Wearing my invisibility cloak. Also known as a birth control hat. Or a Sunday Afternoons hat. Which ever name you want to use. I call it my invisibility cloak because when I get to a crosswalk wearing this bad boy, no one stops. I need to study this phenomenon more. But, I'm pretty sold so far. Take off the hat, cars stop, put it on, commence invisibility. Maybe I look too old to cross quickly wearing it. Maybe people feel anonymous, like I can't see them ignoring me. I can't quite explain it.
Kins dressing Zeus up. He was wearing his hat for a little while.
Kins got 3 pillows and 3 stuffed animals and laid them out so that Tim and Big Mac could join her for fake bed time. Big Mac thinks she's so smart and cool.
My new phone screen background. I just love this one.
Big Mac likes to feed others.

Even Kins played along for a few bites.
Sick kid. She and Big Mac both got sick. High fever and sore throat for her, he didn't seem to have a sore throat, just the fever. He got better after maybe 4 days, she is on day 6 and woke up with a 104 temperature. Her tonsils look so hammered when you look in her mouth. I'm hoping day 7 will be the magic day where she starts to really get better.
Watching daddy work on the new sidewalk.

Jul 23, 2013

3.5 Year Old Kins

I've been saving this post waiting until I get the right pictures added and think of more things she says to add... but... she's gonna be 4 before I finish up at this rate. Think I'll just post it not as complete as I'd like. It's just so hard to really paint a picture of who she is right now, I need to start writing down the things she says again and posting them. She says funny stuff so often.

She likes to draw. When she gets in the stroller she often wants to take a pen and note pad and she stays entertained with them. She patiently draws things over and over until she is satisfied that she can do it well. She can draw cat faces, people, lady bugs, and snails to name a few. She can write about half of her letters. She can write her name. 
She went through a phase that lasted weeks where she would only sleep 9 hours for every 24. She handled the sleep deprivation well, but, it was clearly not enough because she was always falling asleep too early for bedtime, but too late for a nap. She seems to be getting back on track. It's hard to say if it's just coincidence, but she got back on track after I got her an ok to wake clock. I program in the time that I want the clock to turn green. She knows she needs to wait until it turns green to come out of her room or to start yelling. The first morning, she woke up at her usual 6:30 after going to sleep around 10 pm. She screamed the whole 1.25 hours until her clock turned green. I reminded her a few times that she could come out when the clock turned green, but did not let her come out. It was actually pretty amusing, because she was yelling things like, "Maaammmaaa, (singsongy) I'm being naughty! I'm yelling!" I have a baby gate in her doorway, so she can look out, but she doesn't ever climb over it. The next morning she complained for a bit, but then,she got bored, and she... laid down and fell back to sleep! It seems like knowing the clock will reliably turn green she is willing to wait. Before, when it was just her having to trust that I was going to allow her out at some imaginary time, she wouldn't go back to sleep. It's gotten better and better over time. Now if she yells at all, I tell her that if she yells again, there will be no cartoons all day. I took away cartoons just once, and it hasn't happened again. She is so quiet now. If I'm up before her clock turns green, I'll check her on the monitor and I'll often see her very quietly playing with toys, and she will have gotten her clock and put it next to her, so she will see when it's green. She has been back to sleeping more like 12 hours per 24, and even napping fairly often again, which she stopped doing at all for  months. 
She can undress and dress herself if the clothes aren't too tight. 
She is potty trained except for overnight.

She stubbed her toe the other day. She crumpled to the floor dramatically, holding her foot and groaning, "Ow! Oooooo.... ooooo!" A moment later she said, "Crash!" and then, strangely, "I gotta eat it". She then began pretending to munch up her foot. 

She is still a total weirdo about eating. I still either spoon feed her, or she eats about 200 calories per day (literally). It's been awhile since I last tested her, it's probably time to try again and see if she is still missing hunger. I was feeding Big Mac chocolate recently, and gave her a piece too. She licked it a few times, and then proceeded to use it as a crayon. Baffling.

She isn't throwing as many fits these days, not that she was too bad about them ever, but she can be reasoned with better every day. She usually is agreeable if she knows why she needs to do (or not do) something. She's gotten extremely tolerant of Big Mac most of the time. She lights up when she sees him in the morning. She loves for him to be involved in many of her activities. She naturally gets sick of him always taking her things, but she's very good with him for the most part.

She is affectionate often. She gives spontaneous hugs, kisses, and tells us that she loves us. She loves to cuddle up. One thing she doesn't like is when I play with her hair. Which, you've seen her hair, is all the time. I just can't stop myself. She's constantly going, don't mama, I don't like that. It'll be the softest stroking I'm doing, which I personally would love, but she doesn't like it.

Pretty much every night after the kids go to sleep, at some point, Tim and I marvel over what amazing creations we've spawned, how they're just the best children in the world. The most sweet, smart, funny kids to ever walk the planet. And no one can prove us wrong. ;)

Jul 11, 2013

Family Reunion

Both of my brothers and my parents visited us last week. Both Kins and Big Mac just loved playing with their 4 cousins. Here they are making ice cream for Kin's pet dinosaur.
We had just recently missed a couple of birthdays and celebrated them with cake and singing. Tim lit the candles with a blowtorch, as tradition demanded.

We took a hike to secret lake where we saw lots of salamanders in the water. When we first arrived we were swarmed in what I thought were mosquitoes. Fortunately, they turned out to be mayflies. A great relief after having been eaten up fairly thoroughly by mosquitoes the day before at Lake Mary.
Lake Mary.
I got Tim and I these sun shrugs. Too bad for all the ladies out hiking, he usually puts a shirt on top of his shrug.
We went to the rodeo. I learned that taking my kids to things like this and also having a good time are not compatible. I guess we'd either need to take them to events more often, or just not at all until they are old enough to enjoy them. We had about 15 glorious minutes of them having fun. After that Kins got bored and kept alternately attempting to leave, or stroking strangers' butts who were seated in front of us. Meanwhile, Big Mac got claustrophobic and started screaming. Tim and I ended up having to leave and meet up with my parents later for fireworks. Kins liked the fireworks, but only from the safety of the car. We were planning to take her to see them close up, but she dove back into the car and wanted to watch there.

Tim giving horse rides around the house.
Secret Lake again. Giving chest bumps apparently.
Uncle Eric doing some yoga with a 28 pound monkey helping add a little extra challenge to the routine. Big Mac later attempted downward dog and also pushups, both semi successfully, but the pictures were blurry.
It was a very fun and busy few days. The house seems very quiet without 4 cousins around to play.

Jul 10, 2013


The usual look he sports these days. You know, bloody. He doesn't seem to take away much from pain. He scoffs at it and goes back for more.
Being like big sister. They're getting along so well these days.
This was taken after he climbed up into the high chair on his own. I turn it on it's side when it's not in use now. Otherwise he's up there standing in it, swaying violently from side to side, seemingly trying desperately to fall over in it.
Preparing eggs.
Going night night together.
After a traumatic middle of the night diaper change involving awful diaper rash, he crawled over and needed a long hug from daddy.
They have a good time together in the wading pool. Mostly they play with cups. Big Mac drinks obscene amounts of pool water. He has learned to use one cup to fill another too. He fills and dumps, just like Kins, it's all very entertaining.

Wearing their Sunny Shrugz. These things are pretty cool. I love not having to deal with sun screen when I use them.
Tim's grandma is moving and she let us have a few pieces of her furniture. Score. =) Pretty cool to think Tim's dad sat on this furniture when he was a teenager.

Jul 9, 2013

Strawberry Pass Hiking

We met up with my parents for a hike recently. Strawberry pass is a good summer meet up spot between our house and their house. It would be hard to find a more beautiful place to hike. We let the kids walk most of the way, in other words, the hike was not all that long when measured in distance. They had a blast.

Brama showing Big Mac how to chuck rocks into a little pond we found. Both kids got very into this activity. The pond was surrounded by mud, and stomping around in the mud was also a big hit. They were both very messy, and very satisfied by the time we headed back to the cars.
Big Mac needed a walking stick.

Papa helped her find some insects that she could hold. She was thrilled. She's really into pretending that insects are friends. Holding them close to each other, talking about how much they like each other. Or if she's just got one, taking it everywhere with her.This picture is featuring a grasshopper and a cicada shell.
Brama brought chairs and a picnic lunch for us to munch on after we finished hiking. Kins liked sitting in her chair, and carried around her sandwich pretending like she might eat it, which of course she didn't. Big Mac actually enjoyed his meal of course.

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