Pics and Random haps

A couple of the bunnies who live on my road.We learned recently that Howard ate one the one time he got out of the yard a long while. Our neighbor, who had been feeding the rabbit and had grown attached to it, witnessed the event. She was not very pleased with us.
The path I run on. I keep posting pictures of this path. I can't help myself. I just love running on it. It is so much better than dealing with curbs and street crossings when you are pushing a double stroller. I have managed to eek out a couple of 8:50 miles in a row here and there pushing the thing. I'm getting a little faster.
My vision is awful. I'm sure she couldn't see a thing wearing these.
Competitive as she can get with her brother, things are more fun when he is involved. She begs me to put him in beside her, it is a blast for both.
He loves going into the playhouse and sitting in his rocking chair. Practicing to be an old man.
I love seeing proof that all  my getting back into shape is working! My calves have slimmed up and the muscles are showing much better than before.
Finally looked where Kins had been pointing and asking for help picking up the ants. Huh.
Peek a boo!
First time in the pool. It's still too cold to be in the pool in the shade, but I'm sure they'll be spending a lot of time in the pool soon. Big Mac wasn't all that impressed, not enough to eat in there I guess. Kins is in love.
I was informed that this sticker features "poopy balls". I'm not very mature... this provided a long laugh.
I'm surprised how much mileage this sandbox has gotten. Both of them get in many times each day. I have given up preventing Big Mac from eating the sand. He still hasn't tired of eating it like you would imagine.
He copies everything that she does and he's always so excited about it. She sits on the stair, he runs and sits too, glowing with joy. She's probably wondering why sitting on a stair is so thrilling.
Now it's his turn to wonder why she is so thrilled. He had a different point of view about the Thomas the Train ride, he thought it was borderline abusive to attempt to keep him from exploring long enough to take a picture.


  1. Whoa, you have an ant problem. Better get on that.
    Cute pics of the kids. It's so fun to see them playing together.

  2. I love that last picture of zoey on the train looking out the window. and...I just don't know what it says about me that I lolled about howard killing one of those poor bunnies. It certainly isn't funny. I do feel in my heart that he didn't mean it, though. He just, you know, thought it was food.

    1. Lol... well, it sure makes me laugh that you laughed about the bunny thing. I do feel bad that he ate the bunny. I never knew he was such a predator. So weird if you've met him.


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