Me pics

I've worked hard and think it's doubtful I'll get into much better shape than I'm in now. I thought it would be fun to take some pictures, one day in the distant future, I can show them to the kids. Their mama in her peak, post pregnancy anyway. Tooter was the genius behind the camera.

I was surprised to see my arm in this picture. All that toting around kids is good for building bulk apparently. Or maybe it's pushing the jogging stroller up hills. Something kid related.

I was coached on this technique of hanging my arm like I just don't care. Is it working? We were laughing about it. I'm not sure why Tooter didn't coach me on how not to molest the tree though...


  1. Very nice muscle definition. You're definitely in great shape! Tooter did a nice job with the photo shoot, too.

  2. huh. am I mistaken with the notion that tree molestation only adds to the overall sexy feel of a shoot? yep, you're pretty ripped for sure. I like the jeans shot where you can really see your hamstrings. one day I plan to get there. but...crap. guess you've gotta do stuff like exercise. well, I'm doing my damnedest to flex them now. that's about all the motivation I've got.

    1. Hmm. That's an excellent point. And thanks for the hamstrings compliment. I haven't noticed them before actually. Lucky for you, you're pulling off your flexing while internet surfing exercise routine nicely.

  3. Damn! Those are some guns. I need to find some children to haul around.


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