Kid pics

Tooter left her camera with me for a couple of days and I have been obsessively using it, since pictures taken with it look so pretty.

I was excited about this one.
The actual scene wasn't quite as idyllic as the photo would lead you to believe. I asked Kins to catch up with him and hold his hand. She rushed up, thinking this was a great idea. He liked it ok for a minute, but then he was like, "Woah, you crampin' my style girl!" He kept trying to pry his hand out of hers, the same way he does when I try to hold his hand. She wasn't too put off though. She kept patiently trying again. She has really been getting great with him lately. Today I took him out of the tub first, and she said accusingly, "Hey! You took my friend Big Mac!"

Here's a shot of him admiring the dogs.
Kins was more pleased than usual to smile for the camera. Possibly because she was holding snails in her hands, making them "play" together, and she was eager to show them off.
Big Mac took a small break from the usual stunts to look sweet. Ok, and to be sweet. He rushed over to me for big hugs at least a couple of times while I was taking pictures of him.


  1. Man, something about their eyes...they just end up looking dazzling. That's something I can't quite achieve when taking pics of b&b. I guess because their dark eyes don't reflect the light out the same way. Not that dark eyes don't have their own perks; it's just that looking like jewels isn't one of them. haha, yeah, the stories behind the super cute, tender-looking photos generally aren't nearly so perfect as one might think. although it's still a pretty sweet story. so cute that she's getting so attached to her big mac.

  2. Great photos! Both kiddos are ultra cute, and I'm not just saying that because I'm their Brama, although some might accuse me of a slight prejudice in their favor.
    That first pic is really special. No matter the story behind it, the pic shows their very special bond.


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