14 month Gusto

I would say if I had to pick a word to describe Big Mac, it would be gusto. He is just such a character. He is trying hard to communicate. He says things like, "Here you go Kins!" He often says this to people other than Kins, although he sometimes says daddy when giving something to Tim. He says it like, "He do do-ey" and sometimes he throws in a few extra syllables for good measure. He says Hi to the right person or animal most of the time. He's into shrieking long series of what I think is probably jibberish excitedly. It's possible he's saying something real, or else he's mimicking the sound of speech pretty well with jibberish. He is thrilled about learning new words. When he repeats them, they often don't sound like the actual word, but he repeats them with gusto anyway. He points to his nose when I ask him about it. He also points to his nose most of the time when I ask him about his eye. He knows eye is a part of his face, but he's not quite nailed down specifics yet. When I ask him where the light his, he says, "dee!" and points to the nearest one. For a long time I thought he just couldn't say light, but when my parents were here they pointed out that he was saying "the", since I always ask where "the light" is. When I tell him it's night night time, he runs over to Tim and gives him a kiss. He puckers up nicely for kisses when asked for one, going, "mmmmmm" and leaning in. I'm noticing lately just how many words he knows. He can't say most of them, but he obviously understands them. He looks at his shoes, hair, or peanut (haha, can you guess what that's our word for? Do-ey came up with it...) when I mention them, for example. He also knows yucky, a word I have to use a lot around him to indicate that he should NOT eat the item he his holding. When I say this, he stares at the item, often smiling and bringing it very close to his mouth and making fake munching motions and sounds. Or else he just disregards me and goes ahead and eats it. He just learned to properly use the word "mine!" This, of course, is always said as an exclamation.

He has been taught to head butt, hit, and steal items. *sigh* Time out is starting already. He does seem to be starting to get that he can't hit Kins with items, although hitting with hands is more confusing , due to hitting being encouraged with high five. I think we need to abandon high five altogether and stick to hitting always being a bad thing.

He likes to do everything on his own these days. If I try to hold his hand on rough terrain or near dangerous stuff (like at the pool the other day), he grabs my hand with his other and pries it off. This makes going anywhere unsafe for him tricky.

He has learned he can lead me to whatever he is trying to do or obtain and get help. I get led to the door outside quite often. 

At this age he is amazed by everything, tasting it all (3 snails eaten this month, tons of sand, a large clod of dirt, just a few examples of many), exploring at all times, and wants to be held by and socialize with anyone. He is exuberant and charming. Despite being on a near constant quest to explore and keep busy, he still loves to run back to mama for quick cuddles inbetween. He is oh so sweet. He also still demands to be cuddled by Tim for at least 20 minutes after Tim arrives home from work. Then, it's back to the exploring business until bedtime.


  1. That's our Big Mac, just brimming with personality.

  2. haha, 3 snails now? actually eaten or just sampled? Man...that sure is impressive. It is pretty adorable how curious and full of life he is. Gusto is a good word for it. that boy lives life at full throttle.


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