I got tired of constantly having to watch Big Mac like a hawk as he climbed up onto the table using the chairs. He would then fall off often and require catching. So, when my dad suggested turning the chairs on their sides, I was excited to try it. Big Mac was not pleased. His grand adventures being thwarted really upsets him.
Sometimes television preserves my sanity. Big Mac is only smiling here because he is pleased he is on the couch with Kins, he doesn't like to watch tv. Kins sure likes it though.

Our whole yard was full of dandelions, it was pretty.
New gate. Love having a way to keep Big Mac contained with me on the carpeted area.

The kids have been missing Daddy lately. He's been working long hours. The second he walks in the door they launch themselves into his arms. Especially Big Mac. He clings on like a little koala bear and won't let go for at least 20 minutes.

Big Mac has become a real outdoors man. He hates coming inside. He's his very happiest outside. He ate a snail a few days ago. All part of the excitement of being outside.
This is me taking a moment to "read". Haha. Big Mac immediately began stomping all over the book and trying to tear out the pages/eat it.

Superhero day at the library was a huge hit with Kins.

Big Mac has been enjoying the infant toys lately.


  1. Hahaha, baby's first escargo.

    Have you seen the tumblr "Reasons My Son Is Crying"? You should submit a Big Mac entry.

    1. Haha, I hadn't seen it. He would fit right in. :)

  2. The dandelion pic is a great one.
    Tim sure looks pleased to be getting love from his baby girl.

  3. I really like the filter you did for big mac's outdoor porch shot. the blur effect works really well to make him stand out and look that much more majestic while eating his leaf. and ohh man. this blog has been the biggest hit for bears yet. he's spent at least an hour looking at it total over the last couple days. I think it's got something to do with the super hero pictures. He's convinced himself that the spiderman with kins is really him and he keeps asking me how in the world he got so big for that picture. and wonders where his cool spiderman costume went. oh and kins' face mask is just tops. did she do all that coloring herself?

    1. Bears cracks me up. What a character. Hm.. I think I may have done some ir of the coloring. It was like a month ago though, so I can't be sure.


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