Didn't look very comfy, but apparently it was. Kins insisted on getting into the playpen with books during this workout and she read the whole time I worked out, while Bic Mac slept. A very enjoyable workout for me.
 Big Mac is always insisting on doing things that will result in falling and hurting himself if I don't catch him. He's toppled off this chair on several occasions, but still, he can't resist the allure. He looked very pleased with himself right up until I got out the camera. It would appear the danger of his situation has just occurred to him.

 Kin's enthusiasm makes me happy. After arriving at the park, "I'm sooo excited!" She wasn't lying either.

 Just finally got around to baby proofing the non toxic stuff around the house. Everything that Big Mac could get into trouble with has been baby proofed since we moved in, but I finally got tired of picking up the hurricane of items he constantly pulls out of all the drawers/cabinets. I should have done it a long time ago.
Laying on the trampoline in the back yard. There's no way to put into words how thrilled I am that the weather is getting warm.
 Pumped about finding this stick. He is a big fan of finding long pointy items and carrying them around while running unstably at top speed. I am constantly confiscating items. He's a tough one to watch. He's doing or trying to do something potentially fairly hazardous to himself at least 75% of the time.

 They like to share a tub. When given two tubs, they still share. They're really starting to be buddies, it's very sweet.
I'll end with a kin's says. After I suggested she use her kitchen stuff to "make" food in her sandbox, "That would be amazing!"


  1. You have such beautiful kids. I'm so happy about spring too. It snowed while I biked to work today and I was pissed!

    Your photoshopping in the last image cracked me up.

  2. Ha, ha, I like Kins' photo-shopped bikini.
    Kins is great for coming up with memorable sayings. We're still laughing about the peanut and the bagina.
    Poor Max, you've spoiled his fun babyproofing all those cabinets. No doubt he'll find other stuff to get into, though. He's quite inventive.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth. Ugh, I find cold harder to dealwith aafter I've had a dose of spring. Its just such a slap in the face. Haha, gotta thwart the internet pedophiles I'm always hearing about.

  4. very tasteful way to thwart those pedophiles. well done. so sweet that they like to share even when they each have their own. lol, love how she looks like such a mad woman at the top of the slide. she certainly seems to have meant it when she said she was excited.

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