Photo Shoot

Her best bud Bears. They fight over toys some and need their space, but other times it's just so sweet to watch them learn how to really play interactively.

Laura took these pictures for us.

This one makes me laugh. She's doing her Jack Nickleson impression.
Getting tired of taking pictures.
A final burst of energy at Laura's request, really doing her best.
Her hair just keeps getting more curly as time goes on. I wonder if when it gets long it'll straighten out. I love her blonde poof.


  1. Those are awesome photos

  2. Max is getting so big! I love the third and fifth images. You're such a beautiful family!

  3. These are great pics. Love that second pic, with the whispered secret or kiss from Bears. Thank you, Laura, for being the official photographer! Kins' curls are getting pretty wild and crazy.

  4. I can't take credit for all the pics,,I think Tess took almost all of the pictures that she wasn't actually in. Glad we got some cute ones.I especially love the one with Bears giving Zoey a kiss.


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