May 30, 2013

Like Mama like Big Mac

My mom scanned all of our old family pictures, and even some of her and my dad's childhood. Then, she gave us all a copy of all her work. It's very cool to have. Looking through pictures of me at Big Mac's age, I realized, it's me he takes after. I always thought he looked like my brothers when they were little, but, I now think he looks the most like me as a kid. I put together a few comparisons. Tried to match up expressions as well as I could. It's not like I can't tell us apart or anything, but I think the comparisons are pretty neat.


  1. Good comparisons! His mouth and eyes are so like yours.

  2. Looking closely, the only difference I can see is that your eyes and eyebrows have a slightly most pixie-ish appearance. pretty much look like twins though. so cute.


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