Kins and I putting our feet up out on the porch.

I love seeing the land around the path get green.

One of Big Mac's favorite games. Yanking out vents and shoving himself into the holes. Another new game is pulling out kitchen chairs and using them to climb up onto the table. Then being very upset when I discourage him from doing this.
Big Mac was shoving wood chips through the holes in the steps. Kins thought it seemed pretty fun for awhile. He loved that she played his game with him.


  1. So cute to see them playing together. Mac has become quite the little cowboy.
    The mom and daughter feet up on the porch rail is a classic.

  2. love the picture of the two of you with your feet up. so cute. and so exciting that spring really has finally arrived. or is it summer now? I feel like maybe the week of spring that we usually get might have sneaked past me already.


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