May 30, 2013

Like Mama like Big Mac

My mom scanned all of our old family pictures, and even some of her and my dad's childhood. Then, she gave us all a copy of all her work. It's very cool to have. Looking through pictures of me at Big Mac's age, I realized, it's me he takes after. I always thought he looked like my brothers when they were little, but, I now think he looks the most like me as a kid. I put together a few comparisons. Tried to match up expressions as well as I could. It's not like I can't tell us apart or anything, but I think the comparisons are pretty neat.

May 26, 2013


I got tired of constantly having to watch Big Mac like a hawk as he climbed up onto the table using the chairs. He would then fall off often and require catching. So, when my dad suggested turning the chairs on their sides, I was excited to try it. Big Mac was not pleased. His grand adventures being thwarted really upsets him.
Sometimes television preserves my sanity. Big Mac is only smiling here because he is pleased he is on the couch with Kins, he doesn't like to watch tv. Kins sure likes it though.

Our whole yard was full of dandelions, it was pretty.
New gate. Love having a way to keep Big Mac contained with me on the carpeted area.

The kids have been missing Daddy lately. He's been working long hours. The second he walks in the door they launch themselves into his arms. Especially Big Mac. He clings on like a little koala bear and won't let go for at least 20 minutes.

Big Mac has become a real outdoors man. He hates coming inside. He's his very happiest outside. He ate a snail a few days ago. All part of the excitement of being outside.
This is me taking a moment to "read". Haha. Big Mac immediately began stomping all over the book and trying to tear out the pages/eat it.

Superhero day at the library was a huge hit with Kins.

Big Mac has been enjoying the infant toys lately.

May 20, 2013

Photo Shoot

Her best bud Bears. They fight over toys some and need their space, but other times it's just so sweet to watch them learn how to really play interactively.

Laura took these pictures for us.

This one makes me laugh. She's doing her Jack Nickleson impression.
Getting tired of taking pictures.
A final burst of energy at Laura's request, really doing her best.
Her hair just keeps getting more curly as time goes on. I wonder if when it gets long it'll straighten out. I love her blonde poof.

May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

A bit of trivia, the founder of Mother's day regretted having founded it just a few years after it became a big thing. She hated how commercialized it had become.

I feel torn about Mother's Day. I like the part where when your kids are old enough, they make you little crafts and attempt to do sweet things. But not he part where it becomes blown up into more than that.

The main thing that rubs me the wong way is the idea that mother's need to get something in return for being a mother. We tried for a year to get pregnant with Kins, and I was afraid that I might not get to experience motherhood. Getting pregnant and having kids who love me and show it every day, well, there's not a lot they could do on one day to make my life more meaningful. I'm not sure I like the idea that I should be rewarded by them for being their mother. Being a mother is something that not all women are able to do. It's something that I wanted badly, and that I'm very appreciative of.  Kids, if you're reading this in the future, a craft, a phone call, a poem, I would like any of these things. But, I'd like 'em just as well on any other day.

May 5, 2013

Kins and I putting our feet up out on the porch.

I love seeing the land around the path get green.

One of Big Mac's favorite games. Yanking out vents and shoving himself into the holes. Another new game is pulling out kitchen chairs and using them to climb up onto the table. Then being very upset when I discourage him from doing this.
Big Mac was shoving wood chips through the holes in the steps. Kins thought it seemed pretty fun for awhile. He loved that she played his game with him.

May 1, 2013


 Didn't look very comfy, but apparently it was. Kins insisted on getting into the playpen with books during this workout and she read the whole time I worked out, while Bic Mac slept. A very enjoyable workout for me.
 Big Mac is always insisting on doing things that will result in falling and hurting himself if I don't catch him. He's toppled off this chair on several occasions, but still, he can't resist the allure. He looked very pleased with himself right up until I got out the camera. It would appear the danger of his situation has just occurred to him.

 Kin's enthusiasm makes me happy. After arriving at the park, "I'm sooo excited!" She wasn't lying either.

 Just finally got around to baby proofing the non toxic stuff around the house. Everything that Big Mac could get into trouble with has been baby proofed since we moved in, but I finally got tired of picking up the hurricane of items he constantly pulls out of all the drawers/cabinets. I should have done it a long time ago.
Laying on the trampoline in the back yard. There's no way to put into words how thrilled I am that the weather is getting warm.
 Pumped about finding this stick. He is a big fan of finding long pointy items and carrying them around while running unstably at top speed. I am constantly confiscating items. He's a tough one to watch. He's doing or trying to do something potentially fairly hazardous to himself at least 75% of the time.

 They like to share a tub. When given two tubs, they still share. They're really starting to be buddies, it's very sweet.
I'll end with a kin's says. After I suggested she use her kitchen stuff to "make" food in her sandbox, "That would be amazing!"
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