One Year

Big Mac has changed quite a bit in this past month. I remember with Kins month 11 was pretty exciting too. He said his first for sure word, and then quickly added a few more. We though he was saying Dada, but he says it a lot when not seeing Tim too, so that one is still hard to nail down. Things he obviously says and sounds he makes are: cat, dog, thank you (like here when handing over his stick)
 mmmmmm (predictable that he would say that quickly), vrrrooom when seeing a toy car or play driving it around, and peek a boo. When I'm working out and he's in the back carrier, he likes to lean around my back and say, "peek a boo!" in his cute little baby voice. He was doing it when I took this picture.
He obviously knows what other words mean that he doesn't use, like no. I use no a lot when he is about to shove not yet identified items into his mouth. This happens often. When I say it, he stops moving his hand toward his mouth, and quickly holds the item out to me to inspect until he gets the ok or else is forced to give up the item.
He tries to sing. When he hears music and especially when Kins is singing he loves to sing along.

The day before his birthday he started walking everywhere instead of just taking a few steps at a time between holding on to things, and has almost stopped crawling entirely.
He pushed Kins for the first time this past week. She tried to push him aside so she could look out the window at the cat, and he was not gonna have any of that. Not the most wonderful milestone, but what she gives she is now starting to get. Her days of being the most powerful kid are numbered. Lucky for her he idolizes her, and I don't think he will push often if she isn't instigating it.

He is a cuddly boy when he's not on the move. He often toddles over to me for hugs and cuddles, giving his his toothy grin and a chuckle. I think he is the perfect mixture of sweet and busy for a little boy. Here's an example of busy. He likes picking up sticks and digging.
Here he is after eating some leftover birthday cake. He remains a passionate eater. I think Tim got video of him devouring a full sized birthday cupcake in less than one minute.


  1. He looks very boyish in his cute hat, brushing the ground with a stick. He'll need a dump truck to push around this summer and collect leaves and other treasures. He sure was cute devouring his cupcakes.

  2. pretty adorable pictures. I can't wait to hear him say peek a boo. it is really so cute when they first start saying words with this tiny baby voices of theirs. I didn't recognize you at first in that pic of you and max. The new hair sure does add some dramatic pizzazz. I think it was a good move.


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